"Why Did the UN Chief Only Meet With One Side?" - Anglophone Cameroonian Asks

United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres visited Cameroon on Friday 27 October 2017 as he transited from Bangui for a few hours. 

During his brief stop in the country, the UN chief met with the President of Cameroon. The meeting which took place behind closed doors with the president of Cameroon, Paul Biya was a hushed one and we still cannot decipher what was discussed.
"Why Did the UN Chief Only Meet With One Side?" - Anglophone Cameroonian Ask.
Amidst many speculations on what could have been discussed in this 'private' meeting, Dr Nfor N. Susungi examines a critical side to it in this brief write up. Posing the question as to why the UN chief only visited one side in an ongoing crisis involving two parties.

Read His Statement Below:After his visit to the CAR and Cameroon, the UN Secretary General has to present a report to the UN Security Council. The question is what is he going to say?. In spite of the attrocities committed by Biya's forces in the Southern Cameroons, the UNSG chose to meet only one side. 

So what is he going to tell the Security Council? It is not going to be easy for the UN scribe because his decision to talk only to the chief criminal will not make it easy for him when he is questioned by members of the UNSC.

Some observers are insinuating that the award photography of president Biya could be a psychological game.

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