Cameroon Election - Vincent Bolloré and The French Embassy Struggles To Save Biya

In approaching the presidential election of 2018 without a positive economic balance, added to that the crisis in the north-west and south-west regions, the regime of President Biya 

has bet on the corruption of the elite political, administrative, intellectual and religious to “seduce” the people according to the words of Jacques Fame Ndongo, national secretary for communication of the CPDM, party of President Biya.

“When your financial partner lets you go on the eve of the election, it is clear that he politely means you do not want any more of you.”

Dropped by China, which since November has stopped disbursing on behalf of Cameroon after corruption scandals and embezzlement in projects in Cameroon, the leaders on the eve of elections have returned to France in order to prepare how to manage the after elections.

Thibault in the footsteps of Yvon Omnes

Yvon Omnes has been in Cameroon since 1984 as Ambassador of France. His agility will be remarkable in the presidential election of 1992 and the rapid recognition by France of the victory of Paul Biya will increase its sympathy capital in the eyes of President Biya who made the French diplomat his special advisor, he has his office at the palace since his retirement more than 15 years ago.

The name of Yvon Omnes has been several times pronounced for the presidential election of 2018, faithful of President Biya, with the ambassador of France and Vincent Bolloré, the three would be at the heart of an electoral holdup in Cameroon.

A week after the 2018 presidential election, Cameroon is preparing to enter the phase of post-electoral disputes. While the tension is at its height in view of the actions of the regime, ban press conferences, bursting in the homes of political opponents, intimidation, arbitrary arrest, all indicators suggest a popular uprising if the regime after fraud mass media has been steadfast in keeping President Biya, 86, at the helm of the state for 36 years.
 Vincent Bolloré
“Vincent Bolloré and the Embassy of France do everything to reassure Paris of the smooth conduct of the elections and the calm that prevails at the moment, what not to raise concerns,” said a French diplomat in Cameroon.

The name of the French ambassador is quoted in several salons of the capital, he would be involved in a mafia francafrica set up by the regime of President Biya after the failure of China Cameroon.

“I am a French citizen and so far no warning or warning to French citizens has been raised, while we know very well that the situation is tense” says a French citizen resident in Cameroon before to explain that, in fact, the embassy knows that a warning will have to alert Paris to the real situation of the country.
United States, Germany, Italy, voices rise to invite more attention on what is happening in Cameroon, this happens in the total indifference of France whose ambassador to Cameroon Thibault and Vincent Bolloré are accused of corruption for a blackout in France

The usurpation of the identity of Transparency International by individuals accredited by the government was intended to credit elections at the international level, the identity and origin of the usurpers speaks volumes when we know that Yvon Omnes had Jewish origins.

The entry into play of French networks

A few months before the elections, the Cameroonian government feared the worst, aware of the negative record of the past seven years following the amateurish management of projects.

After the isolated signing of the EPAs by Cameroon and the return to the IMF, the Biya administration will redo the eyes of France.

Cameroon soil

Bolloré is about to take control of DTT digital television in Cameroon after blocking Chinese Start Times. Indeed, in negotiation since 2014 with the Cameroonian minister of communication PCA CRTV, Chinese StartTimes who planned to offer Cameroonian 480 TV channels for subscriptions between 1,200 and 6,000 F CFA was simply diverted from the project.

Bolloré will control the Cameroonian soil with TNT, and the sky with its satellite Canal Plus.

Port of Douala

Corruption, congestion, red tape, high cost of services and outdated infrastructure according to AFP, Agence France Press, this is the situation described the port of Douala whose bulk of infrastructure is held by the French Vincent Bolloré.

It would have been wise to take stock of DIT in relation to the objectives of this reform, “specified the TC. What has not been done, the Cameroonian government therefore launched a new tender by ignoring the previous specifications. “It will be difficult to beat the Bolloré-APMT consortium present on this terminal for no less than 13 years and who masters all the political and administrative political contours,” explained a source at the port.

Faced with the chronic engorgement of the port of Douala which made flee from Cameroon Rougier, Bolloré has reoriented to Kribi, the Bolloré group which manages the wood park, thanks to its Company of Exploitation of Parks in Bois du Cameroun ( SEPBC) is now using the port of Kribi for its exports.
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