Mtukudzi’s First Wife, Melody Will ‘Never Forgive’ Second Wife Daisy For ‘Snatching’ Her Husband

Oliver Mtukudzi’s first wife, Melody Murape has vowed that she will never forgive the late musician’s second wife, Daisy.

Mtukudzi married Melody on 24 February in 1979. The couple is said to have broken up after Mtukudzi met Daisy. Melody is still bitter because Daisy ‘snacthed’ her husband.

Melody has two children with Mtukudzi, Selmor and Sandra. Speaking in Norton during the funeral wake of the late iconic singer Melody:

I am the first lady and that does not change. I loved Tuku and I know he loved me back and he died loving me.

Each time he spoke to the children, Selmor or Sandra, he would ask about me and he would tell them I dumped him. I told him ‘I love you but you know the reason why I left.

I worked at … bank and Tuku was a client there and each time he visited we would meet and greet.

… When I got pregnant about 10 years later, Tuku was angry. I remember we met while sending Selmor to school and he was like ‘Selmor, Your mother is pregnant?’ He was pained. That showed he loved me. I did that to prove that I had moved on and to stop some stories.
Mtukudzi’s First Wife, Melody Will ‘Never Forgive’ Second Wife Daisy For ‘Snatching’ Her Husband
She recalled the early days of their marriage with nostalgia. She said that everything went south when Daisy came into the picture:

Everything was fine until the time she (Daisy) came… I will never forgive Daisy for that and maybe one day God will intervene, I don’t want to lie that I have forgiven her, I have not.

I gave birth to Selmor when she had come, I tried to hold on thinking she would let go of my husband but she could not and I decided to leave.
Oliver Mtukudzi, also known as "Tuku" (short for Mtukudzi) was a singer-songwriter, actor, writer, film director and entrepreneur. With over 60 albums to his name, he was one of Zimbabwe's top musicians and lead of the band The Black Spirits. His music was mainly in...!

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