Boity To Silence Doubt About Her Rap Skills With Back-to-Back Hits!

Rapper Boity has decided to silence the noise around her skills by focusing on releasing great music.

Boity told TshisaLIVE she was pouring all her energy into perfecting her craft and while doubt comes with the territory, she planned on winning the naysayers over one track at a time.

“There are definitely people that still doubt me as a rapper. However, there are people who still doubt Nasty C, Drake and even Jay-Z. I’m only three singles into my musical journey so it's expected.

“I choose to focus my energy on perfecting my craft and growing with my fans. I still have a long journey ahead of me and will continue to turn those that doubt me into believers. However, today Boity is a platinum-selling artist signed to an international label. That is proof that anything is possible. No goal I set for myself is impossible to reach,” she said.
Boity To Silence Doubt About Her Rap Skills With Back-to-Back Hits!

The rapper's latest single is titled Own Your Throne and celebrates all the independent women out there working hard in their respective fields.

In the song Boity pays tribute to two very strong black women, Connie Ferguson and her mother Modiehi Thulo.

Boity recently scored a lucrative deal with Def Jam Africa, which she welcomed with open arms, considering her past drama with record labels.

“It definitely does mean more for me, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to partner up with Def Jam Africa. Having a strong support structure and a team that supports and believes in you is amazing.”

Boity also echoed Riky Rick's sentiments that the music industry and labels, in particular, could do more to contribute to the Black Lives Matter movement.

“The music industry and record labels are often a space where black people are exploited. I think they can do a better job in acknowledging their own exploitation of black people, first. They need to take the necessary steps towards actively engaging with communities and experts on the issue and put some sort of plan in place, given their resources.”

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