Check These 7 South African Celebrities Who Have Tested Positive For Covid-19

The novel coronavirus has wreaked havoc and disrupted lives across the whole world. All over the world both poor and wealth, ordinary and famous people alike have fallen victim to the disease. 

Just like everywhere else, South African celebrities have also been hit hard by Covid-19.

The entertainment industry which is at the centre of most people’s lives, particularly during the lockdown, has recorded several Covid-19 cases, as entertainers work hard to produce great content. 

Here are 7 South African celebrities who have tested positive for Covid-19.

1. AKA: Multi-award-winning rapper AKA revealed on Friday that he had tested positive for Covid-19. The rapper revealed that he had made his status public because he wanted the Mzansi community to be more cautious and to treat Covid-19 seriously by following all regulations.

Writing on social media, AKA’s management said,

… AKA pleads for everyone to adhere to social distancing guidelines, to wear masks and to hold stringent hygiene measures by frequently sanitizing and washing our hands. Since the announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa, AKA has taken precautions that were stipulated by the WHO and the SA Government.

2. Lerato Zah Moloi: On 6 July, model and Former Muvhango actress Lerato Zah Moloi announced that she had tested positive for COVID-19. She called on South Africans to take the disease seriously warning that she had gone through a horrible ordeal in which she suffered “…everything from chest pains, breathlessness and excruciating pains, dizzy spells, diarrhoea, loss of appetite and smell…”

She warned,

Stay home, please… Covid-19 is a ruthless invisible monster. Be safe
Check These 7 South African Celebrities Who Have Tested Positive For Covid-19

3. Mlamli Mangcala: The actor who played the role of Captain Sthembiso Radebe on The Queen made headlines last month after he had a falling out with The Fergusons, whom he accused of making him pay to appear on television.

Mangcala also caused a buzz when he revealed that he had tested positive for Covid-19. On 3 July, he shared a video of himself on Instagram, in which he appeared to be in a stable but critical condition. Said Mangcala,

“I just finished my breathing technique and I just changed my sleeping pattern. I was sleeping on my tummy for the past two hours. It’s a bit tiring but the fight goes on. I’m still on oxygen, a double dose of oxygen. Goodnight guys, I have to sleep now,” he said.

4. Brian Temba: A few days before on June 30, singer and songwriter Brian Temba also took to social media to announce that he had tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Temba all called on people to take great care of themselves warning that the disease is serious.

“On Sunday, this past Sunday. I had gone to test for Covid-19 and I tested positive. I’m good, nothing much is going on with me. I am hoping and praying that I will get through this. Take care of yourselves, this thing is serious,” he said.

5. Rosie Motene: On June 28, actress and activist Rosie Motene revealed that she had tested positive for Covid-19 after her partner tested positive three days before her. She assured everyone that both she and her partner are doing well and taking all the medications. Writing on social media, Rosie said,

“Later, I will share the crazy and emotional rollercoaster that we have been on but today I give thanks to breathe and life,”

6. TT Mbha: Digital entrepreneur and Somizi’s bosom friend TT Mbha also announced on June 24 that he had tested positive for the coronavirus. TT Mbha revealed that he had been working throughout the pandemic and was not sure when and from whom he got the virus. He captioned the video,

“I’ve just tested positive for the coronavirus and can only hope that those who haven’t been taking it seriously will do so immediately,”

However, yesterday, which is about 2 weeks later TT, who also stars on Somizi’s reality TV show Living The Dream With Somizi, excitedly revealed that he had tested negative on Thursday, 9 July.

“I tested positive on June 24! My mental, emotional, spiritual and physical strengths were all put to the ultimate test of survival! I tested negative on July 9. By the mighty and unshakable grace of God, I survived meningitis in 2014 and in 2020 I survived coronavirus!”

7. Zola Hashatsi: Media personality Zola Hashatsi also revealed that he has tested positive for Covid-19. He called on people to get tested, should they not feel 100% advising that he would be taking the necessary precautions to get well and keep others safe.

Said Zola,

Dear Friends, Family and Colleagues, please note my results for COVID 19 have come back positive. I will be taking the necessary steps in keeping well and protecting others. Please go and have a test should you not feel 100%.

Read More At The Online Coronavirus Portal Or Use The 24-Hour Public Hotline:
South Africa: 0800 029 999 or just Send Hie to 0600 123 456 on WhatsApp