The Exploitation Of Underground Water For Usability Purposes - Borehole Drilling?

Groundwater is an important part of the water cycle. It comes from rain and hail that saturates into the ground. 

Water descends to earth due to gravity, moving between soil, sand, gravel, or rock particles, until it reaches a level where the soil is filled or soaked with water. The water-filled space is known as the saturation zone, and the surface of this zone is called the water table. The water table could be very close to the ground’s surface or hundreds of meters below.

While groundwater is found everywhere underground, some parts of the saturated zone are made up of more water than others. An aquifer is an underground creation of permeable stone or loose material that can produce usable water levels when exploited by drilling. 
The Exploitation Of Underground Water For Usability Purposes - Borehole Drilling?
These aquifers can be small or very large, underlying several square kilometres of the Earth's surface.

Even when people don't use groundwater, it can play a vital role in the local environment and therefore support rural life. Plants can benefit from it with their roots and animals can drink it when it reaches the surface in the form of natural sources.

How to access underground water?

Water in aquifers is brought to the surface under natural circumstances, by a spring or it can be released into streams or wetlands. It may also be delivered to the surface as a discharge into lakes, streams, or the ocean. We can access groundwater through drilling a borehole into an aquifer.

As soon as a borehole is drilled successfully, it is equipped with appropriate equipment: (the selection is affected by a particular intended use of the water, for example for drinking water, municipal water supply or water irrigation system):
1. Handpump: Specifically if the yield of a borehole is small, mostly in rural areas.

2. Windpump: Mainly on farms, can sustain higher yields

3. Electrical Pump/Diesel pump/Solar pump: Typically when borehole yield is significant

4. Play pump: Beneficial when borehole yield is low, primarily for water supply at schools.

Boreholes call for advanced technology with the appropriate technical design, along with adequate knowledge about the aquifer. However, the value of high-quality borehole construction and design is frequently overlooked.

The duration of a borehole and the performance depend entirely on the materials and the technology applied.

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