Lasizwe: I Don’t Mind Being Straight For You Zodwa Wabantu!

Zodwa Wabantu is still on the hunt for the ex-boyfriend, Vusi Buthelezi, after she accused him of being a fraudster. 

Following her video where she detailed his criminal behaviour, Zodwa shared an image of her ex-boo stating that he has absolutely nothing to his name.

She shared a super skinny image of Vusi, and stated, “After 1 Week Introducing Spoti To my Home, I Knew before buying him Clothes I need to Feed Him.
Lasizwe: I Don’t Mind Being Straight For You Zodwa Wabantu!

She went on to explain that she is far from finished with him, and has no issue being as bitter as he is. Zodwa clarified that it was her upbringing which led her to care for the young man, and she has no regrets in doing that. What she does have an issue with, is the fact that he has dragged her name through the mud and had stolen from her.

In a comedic twist, social media sensation, Lasizwe, asked for Zodwa to care for him just as much as she cared for Vusi. He commented with, “Can I also be fed, I don’t mind being straight for you Zodwa! I’m in your DMs check”. Zodwa responded back with a series of laughing emojis and a heart.

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