Zodwa Wabantu Targets Gomora Actor Ntobeko Sishi

Risque Dancer and controversial entertainer Zodwa Wabantu is now targeting and crushing hard on Gomora’s Ntobeko Sishi who plays Ntokozo. Zodwa who is totally smitten by the young actor and musician is not shying away from expressing her feelings about him!

Since his debut on Gomora, Sishi has been making headlines for his incredible acting skills on the show, luscious looks, natural charm, and his chiselled body.

Sishi has won the hearts of many women including celebrities like Boity who DM and comment on his statuses and pics, and being the gentleman that he is – he does not kiss and tell. However, when Zodwa commented on his photo on Instagram and DM’d him many people expressed their disgust and pleaded with Zodwa to stop preying on the young actor because it’s just cringe-worthy.

Zodwa who has a fetish for ben 10’s decided to shoot her shot on Ntobeko and said she cannot contain her feelings anymore about him and asked the hunk to privately send her a message. Although we don’t know what went down in the DMs between the two, it appears that the actor has ghosted the Durban-based hitmaker as neither of them has said a word on social media.
Zodwa Wabantu Targets Gomora Actor Ntobeko Sishi

Tweeps were so outraged by Zodwa’s cringe-worthy and tasteless approach towards this young man and labelled her a predator and have even compared her to R.Kelly.

Sishi’s fans and family have cautioned him to avoid Zodwa and to not fall into her trap as his career has just hit off. To be fair, not everyone is appalled by Zodwa’s behaviour. Several, unprivileged young men who see Zodwa as their cash cow message her daily and wouldn’t mind being her Ben 10.

Catch her interview on the latest episode of #PodcastAndChill with MacG on the link below where she explained why she preferred dating younger men and why she’s not fazed by all the haters.

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