Zodwa Wabantu’s Drama with Ex Vusi Ngubane Has Us Tuning In For The Next Episode!

Zodwa Wabantu is the queen of controversy and she prefers it that way.

She’s built her reputation on her salacious dance moves, and being the cunning businesswoman that she is, she’s made it part and parcel of her brand - a calculated move that could be described as a stroke of genius.

Say what you want about the vosho queen, but while some are judging her every move, she’s revelling in the fact that as long as we talk about her, she’ll remain relevant.

The past 24 hours has seen her and ex Vusi Ngubane trending on the Twitter chats.

Something that can only be described as a reality TV show, the drama kicked off when Zodwa posted a video on her Instagram account, claiming that Ngubane was a fraudster.

What ensued was Zodwa keeping her thousands of social media followers up to date with tracking her ex down.

The couple had been dating for just over a year, and Zodwa often poked fun at her followers for referring to Ngubane as her Ben 10.
Zodwa Wabantu’s Drama Eith Ex Vusi Ngubane Has Us Tuning In For The Next Episode!

On the surface, it looked like they had parted on amicable terms, but things took an ugly turn this week.

She said that she has opened a criminal case against Ngubane and revealed some startling allegations about their year-long romance.

“You slept in my house for a year, I paid for everything.

“You used my contacts and connections to get a new Audi because you knew my name would help you.

“Please give me back everything that is mine, I am coming for you and I am not scared.”

As one of her 123K followers on Twitter, I’ll admit I lapped up every bit of morsel she threw at is. It’s in our nature, we love drama.

Please note that Zodwa is going through a lot, I remain committed to helping her heal, as a friend. I have never used my twitter account prior to this, decided to do so to encourage everyone to send love, compassion and light to Zodwa. Thanks

Zodwa knows this - she gives us what we want. Unapologetic and never one to back down, the showdown between her and Ngubane are the things viral posts are made of, and we buy into the Zodwa brand every single time.

But what was troubling was the number of comments bordering on misogyny and blatant sexism. It’s a narrative we’re all too aware of and something that most subscribe to. For a while #VusiForPresident was a trending topic on Twitter, and Zodwa was painted as the scorned, unhinged ex. It’s a conversation that needs to be had.

Some online users have their own theories about the drama with the ex, from saying it’s a marketing stunt for plugging a new reality show to claiming she’s just looking for attention.

It doesn’t matter if it’s made up. What matters is that we’re talking about it. And just to make sure she’s still trending, she blesses us with a picture of herself in bed with an unknown guy. Now, that’s content gold.

Welcome to the Zodwa Wabantu show, please stay tuned for the next episode.

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