Lady Zamar Offers Important Social Media Advice

Social Media, especially Twitter has become a playground for cyber-bullying and trolls to roam around freely, Tweeting as they please and insulting whoever they want to tease, without any care or consequence. 

A fair share of celebrities have experienced this cyber-bullying, but one stands out because of the way she was treated by Tweeps online.

Lady Zamar, who has felt the wrath and brutality of Tweeps online on multiple occasions, shared her secrets to prevailing with your sanity in a long thread.

"In the age of social media it’s hard to ignore people’s opinions of’s all there in your face, everyday, but, you must!
Lady Zamar Offers Important Social Media Advice

You must ignore it and fortify yourself against it, redirect your energies towards good."

She Tweeted that in order to remain focused and ignore internet trolls, you mus rather focus your energy on good things.

"It’s not just public figures contending with negativity, body shaming and self-esteem eroding conversations and insinuations on a daily basis, but it’s the everyday person too: the school kid, the teenagers, young adults, professionals going thru this all the time."

The talented singer reiterated that her advice applied to every ordinary citizen, no matter their age, social class or profession.

"There is unconstructive criticism, unrealistic expectations of perfection, peer pressure happening directly/indirectly when you read public opinions of popular trends. We already have to deal with our own shortcomings and insecurities’s a lot. Only u define who you are"

Lady Zamar has been attacked and dragged online on multiple occasions, ever since she accused Sjava of rape. Ever since then, her public image has come under intense scrutiny from Sjava's die-hard fans and even some women. Most of these bullies have tried on multiple occasions to bully her into submission and admitting that she lied about her rape experience.

A month ago, the Charlotte singer took to Instagram Live to share her rape ordeal with everyone and anyone who was willing to listen to her side of the story. She decided to go live with her allegations after Sjava decided to break his silence and share his side of the story first. Even though she was clearly emotional and triggered she tried to share her best to clear the air.

A lot of women, unfortunately, attacked her in the comments section of her live video but the Queen managed to maintain her cool and share her experience. There is no doubt that she has experienced the worst treatment online but she has always kept a straight face and a positive attitude.

We salute your bravery Lady Zamar and we hope many Tweeps can learn a thing or two from you about overcoming cyber-bullies.

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