The Death Of Ginimbi Has Left A Lot Of Us With Mixed Feelings

On one hand, the horrendous circumstances he and his passengers died under will leave any human being with sympathy and sorrow for them and their families. 

However, one can not help but recognise the irony of events that took place or lack thereof immediately after the accident. An accident that left a man of extreme wealth covered by twigs at the side of the road. His “friends” were apparently behind him in convoy, with one of them Rimo Jackson.

being fingered by an eyewitness as the one who witnessed Ginimbi take his last breath. I don’t know about most people but I would not abandon my friend (particularly a famous one) on the side of the road knowing full well the public would not respect his dignity. He was left on the side of the road as if to say he only mattered when he was alive. This undoubtedly calls into question the choices Ginimbi and a lot of well to do people in our country make when they are alive. These are choices they are free to make and it is not a prerequisite for them to do otherwise. 

However, one can not help but wonder if these people had the foresight to envisage themselves needing the facilities that every citizen is entitled to in a functioning country. If Ginimbi had taken time to assist with the countries failed health care and emergency services infrastructure would he and his passengers have had a fighting chance? The onus doesn’t fall on them alone because any citizen can one day find themselves in the same terrible circumstances.

I personally have been pondering my own possible demise in my country, should God forbid, I ever needed reliable medical assistance in my country when I visit. This has to lead me to amplify my well-documented idea of us as citizens taking control of our own destiny and putting much-needed services in place. Affordable good second-hand ambulances and fire trucks along with trinkets like the “jaws of life “ etc can be easily sourced in the UK or any other reliable sources.
The Death Of Ginimbi Has Left A Lot Of Us With Mixed Feelings
The Death Of Ginimbi Has Left A Lot Of Us With Mixed Feelings

The Government is crucial in any undertaking of this nature and dialogue has to be initiated. This is one of many examples where the citizens particularly in the diasporas can contribute in a non-political manner to the upkeep of our beloved nation. I pray and hope that Ginimbi’s demise was not in vain and that people of similar standing to him take responsibility and realise that we all bleed the same. There is no point being blessed with abundance and letting the infrastructure that may one day take or save your life continue to deteriorate if you can do something about it.

Our gatekeepers are only interested in staying in power and hopefully if engaged by the right people to facilitate such a community-based effort to proceed, then lives (rich or poor) will be saved.

In a nutshell, a young rich man and his three passengers died without any emergency services in attendance. His lifeless body had to be covered by twigs instead of a body cover/blanket. Had there been an efficient emergency service his three passengers could have been saved by the jaws of life or the fire brigade extinguishers. 

It’s all well and good to have hindsight and I am not at all castigating the late young man but one has to learn life lessons from such events.

Many a life has been lost due to the lack of adequate emergency services and health care services in general. We can complain all day about the reasons why but I think it’s time we took some control of our own destiny and come up with a concrete plan with Government approval and support to at the very least give citizens a fighting chance if they ever find themselves in such horrendous circumstances. 

Condolences to all affected by this tragic road accident and prayers go to their families and may their souls rest in piece.

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