Mzansi Furious With Abused Woman On Video #ThembaMustFall!

Mzansi is heartbroken by video #ThembaMustFall which has been circulating on social media since Wednesday night was a woman records herself on video being brutally assaulted by her partner.

In the video, the woman is allegedly forced by her boyfriend (only identified as Themba at this stage) to confess that she is a ‘slut’.

“The slut that I am, you must stop sending me messages on my personal WhatsApp”

In the confession, it seemed that the woman had received a DM from someone in a WhatsApp group chat and Themba responded with jealousy fuelled rage.

As soon as she finished recording the statement, the woman is then viciously attacked by Themba. In the video, it is seen that the woman had broken skin on her face.

Tweeps were very disappointed again when the woman recorded another video of herself ordering Mzansi and activist groups to stay out of her personal affairs.
Mzansi Furious With Abused Woman On Video #ThembaMustFall!
Mzansi Furious With Abused Woman On Video #ThembaMustFall!

“Please respect me and my family. Those families for my partner and myself, everything was dealt with and sorted out. Please stay away, I do not want to be published all over the world”.

Prince Kaybee was also ordered by the victim to stay away from her business after he commented on the Gender-Based Violence incident.

“Prince Kaybee, stay away from my business and everyone else. I beg, stay away from my business”, she said.

After Mzansi noticed that the woman might have been trapped in a toxic relationship whereby she is protecting her abuser, one Twitter user shared an insightful message to victims.

“When we ask ‘why does she stay?’ We are asking someone with a broken leg: ‘why don’t you run?’

The tweeter user continued: Abuse breaks more than the skin; it breaks the soul and erodes a person’s courage to stand. Abuse doesn’t stop working once the bruises start healing.
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