Shocking: Jay Israel Apologises to Emmanuel Makandiwa and Incriminates Prophet Uebert Angel!

The leader of The GoodNews Church, Uebert Angel came under the spotlight once again as he was fingered as being the one behind the plot to tarnish and soil his rival Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, founder of United Family International Church (UFIC).

Speaking on a Facebook live broadcast former cultists and self-declared former member of the occult Jacob Dube (now known as Jay Isreal revealed the plot.

Jay Isreal known as JACOB DUBE played an audio recording of the conversation between Uebert Angel and himself. Speaking in ChiShona Uebert Angel

Jay Isreal said he was approached by Uebert Angel to work on a plot to soil Makandiwa’s name. The plot was to have Jay Isreal to expose Makandiwa as polygamous and as a womaniser.

Jay Isreal played an audio recording of the conversation between Uebert Angel and himself. Speaking in ChiShona Uebert Angel said Makandiwa was officially married to two women and had 7 girlfriends (extra-marital relationships).

Uebert Angel attempted to have Jay Isreal to expose this information.
Shocking: Jay Israel Apologises to Emmanuel Makandiwa and Incriminates Prophet Uebert Angel!
Shocking: Jay Israel Apologises to Emmanuel Makandiwa and Incriminates Prophet Uebert Angel!

Jay Isreal believes that Uebert Angel was working with Blessing Muzvongi Mashangwa the woman who was to claim that she was Makandiwa’s second wife, however, the plot was exposed before they could implement it.

Uebert Angel and Makandiwa are said to be brothers in Christ. Nonetheless, the rivalry between them is said to be an ongoing battle for fame and popularity.

Sources close to these two preachers say that Uebert Angel has for some time now tried to soil Makandiwa’s name.

According to an impeccable source. “Makandiwa has had an illustrious and clean run as a preacher while Uebert has had a very checkered run thus far littered with sexual scandals and a litany of criminal allegations and activities not least among them rape and abuse of women.”

Uebert Angel is also all accused of being a wife-beater an allegation that is now difficult for him to shake off.

Makandiwa and Angel once shared a spiritual father a Ghanaian prophet Victor Kusi Boateng who remains Makandiwa’s spiritual father.

Uebert Angel is said to have left Boateng after he felt left out and that Boateng favoured Makandiwa more.

The leader of The GoodNews Church now submits to a Nigerian preacher pastor Chris Oyakhilome and is said to be still bitter with Makandiwa.

“Angel claims it was him that taught Makandiwa and introduced him to the prophetic. He also claims it was him that taught Makandiwa how to dress well” said our source.

Angel is said to be jealous of Makandiwa’s success and raise to prominence and that is his bone of contention.

“Uebert is bitter he is the one fighting everyone but the first to cry out that he is being fought, the audio played by Jay Isreal, short as it reveals a lot about Uebert. He is deceitful, evil-minded and such a backbiter. Pride is his biggest problem. He likes to boast about his wealth and he plots against those he envies.” Our source revealed.



To all my beloved followers and online family who have believed in me over the months since I started the back to Christ movement , Forgive me for all the disappointments I have caused you in the past months through my conduct , speech and behaviour . 

I have done the worst and unspeakable things but I believe the grace of God shall carry me through. 

These have been the worst and most challenging days of my life as I have been transitioning from a place of extreme darkness to seeking truth and light therefore I ask for forgiveness. I have done the worst through my conduct and speech in the past months and I appeal to all those who have a heart of gold and Christ to stand with me in prayer. 

I have however decided to take some time away from everything to seek counsel, prayers and advise from my elders in faith who stand for the true gospel of Christ, not gimmicks and trickery. As a young man, I got consumed by the zeal and passion of exposing all wickedness I encountered during my days of ministry and made myself an island in the process which led me into relationships and interactions with people who were assigned to contaminate the great work I had begun. 

I have just received a call from a very high esteemed man of wisdom and character whom I will be meeting for intense prayers, counsel and advise somewhere in Africa in a country I won’t disclose for now. I shall embark on this journey as matter of urgency to deal with all the spirits I have been challenging since I turned my back from the PROPHETIC BUSINESS. 


NB. This is not an apology to all the charlatans I have exposed their wickedness in the past but to all my followers and online family. Alph Lukau and friends remain charlatans and tricksters of note.

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