Makandiwa Ruined My Life – Blessing Muzvongi Mashangwa

Blessing Muzvongi Mashangwa today revealed the details of her relationship with Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Blessing says she regrets joining Makandiwa’s church UFIC and Makandiwa took all her money.

When she got married she left Family of God and got married to her husband who was in Celebration Ministries.

She said she approached her Pastor at Celebration Ministries and told them that she wanted to join UFIC as she had heard a lot about him.

– It was on the 4th of January 2011.

– She said at some point, she felt she wanted to leave UFIC because she did not want to pray to the God of Makandiwa.

– Blessing said she was in a manipulative church and did not behave rationally.

– When she left UFIC there was an article that Prophet Makandiwa wrote that concerned her.

– The last day she went to the UFIC, she agreed with her husband that they would leave UFIC.

– She also wanted to leave because she says Makandiwa did not do the sinners prayer but would spend hours fundraising from the pulpit.

– Blessing said there was a stronghold in UFIC which kept her there.

– The second thing she didn’t like about Emmanuel Makandiwa is that although he is a good teacher, she felt that most of Makandiwa’s messages ended up being about a prophet.

– This is unlike Pastor Tom at Celebration, who would teach about connecting to God.

– Blessing says she was in UFIC for five years.

– She says she has people who say they have given their car to Makandiwa in the moment. You will end up giving Makandiwa his money. Her tithes were being collected from home or from the office.

– Makandiwa’s brother would come and collect the tithes from her office.

– There were times when she would be left with no money when she had taken all her money to Makandiwa.

– People can condemn her.

– Blessing said they had a debt of $185 000 ended up losing all her money because they were taking all their money to Emmanuel Makandiwa.

– She says she confronted Mai Makandiwa when her blind father took $100 000 to Makandiwa believing that he would receive a miracle and start seeing.
Makandiwa Ruined My Life – Blessing Muzvongi Mashangwa
Makandiwa Ruined My Life – Blessing Muzvongi Mashangwa

– When they left UFIC, Makandiwa wrote an article called the importance of a good name. The article spoke about the impact of a bad message on her chicken and perfume business.

– Her brother told her not to respond. He said another attack was coming. That was in August after they left UFIC in July.

– In February the Facebook Page, The truth about Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa had written a story about Makandiwa and her husband.

– The article revealed something that was said only between Makandiwa and his wife. She knew that this was only from Makandiwa.

– Blessing said she wrote a letter to Makandiwa and his wife and begged them for a chance to speak to them.

– She took the letter through Advocate Arthur Marara.

– Instead of coming to talk, they brought their lawyers, Manase.

– They said give us receipts of all your tithes and we will give you your money. Mtamgamira and Associate can confirm that the money was $798 000.

– Blessing says she gave more than 1 Million to Makandiwa.

– She says Makandiwa can preach in a convincing way and people will be flocking to the altar to seed school fees, cars.

– She says she lost everything at UFIC

– At FOG and at Celebration Center she gave a lot of money but they were not taking all her money without understanding what they are doing. They would return on her money. Jeff Mzwimbi was a businessman.

– She says she never went to PHD, he was friends with her ex-husband.

– Magaya had been blessed Magaya with a Discovery 4.

– Magaya sent Gamu Gwasira to negotiate.

– Magaya came and apologized.

– Blessing says she was not expecting anything from Pastors.

– Blessing says Makandiwa would promise people would get money in mealie meal.

– Blessing’s family is still going to UFIC. She says her father loves her so much. Her mother is a woman prayer. There is a reason why they are there.

– Blessing says she did not poison her mother.

– After realizing that the receipts were available, they sent Munyaradzi Rukato to the Mashangwas house and asked if they could keep a boy to stay with them. The conversation was recorded.

– Police came and arrested them for kidnapping.

– They were taken to serious fraud in handcuffs and were only released after playing the video.

– Blessing said Makandiwa was trying to trap her.

– She says all online newspapers wrote about the story. They have written so many stories about her.

– Blessing’s says she does not cook for her mother because they have a cook and a Chef.

– Blessing says she wants to tell Christians that it is now rare to find a man of God who is truly called by God.

– Blessing says what Makandiwa is doing shows that he wears an angelic face but what he does behind the scenes is shocking.

– Blessing said a mentor told her that Makandiwa is a pagan.

– On Chari, she said she is wondering what his wife was doing in her house. She came with her sister. Blessing said she is in a family of seven. And that one sister that brought Mai Chari was the one that she does not see eye to eye with.

– Evidence Chari calls himself a man of God why didn’t he show the video to them and ask them to repent.

– Evidence says she sees Chari as a boy to her.

– She found out there are secret cameras on her house in September.

– All the TV were stolen, her cameras were disconnected.

– When the installer came to replace cameras, they found that there were other secret cameras.

– She says she left the cameras in place to bait the person.

– Blessing says she does not love Jay Israel any more. She says she does not miss him and they are over.

– She was introduced to Jay Israel by Zodwa Mkandla.

– Jay Israel was living in Durban and when he moved to Joburg she took him in.

– He portrayed that he was a man who wanted to move on.

– And he asked her out and she wanted to help him.

– She says she has already of outstanding issued with Jay Israel.

– She knows Jay Israel was into women, but when he was dating her he was not with anyone else.

– Blessing says Jay Israel must repent.

– Her mother asked her about Jay Israel.

– Blessing admitted that she lied about being Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s wife.

– She says the issue has been taken up with the police.

– She believes God loves Jay Israel, she is 100 % for him but he needs to repent.

– She says Jay is a man who loved God, he is facing a lot of obstacles.

– Blessing says she never sold illegal substances and she has no business with illegal substances.

– Those prophets don’t love you – Its a Game of Money. ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY. The day you can not give them money, they leave you. She saw more God in Pastor T Makandiwa than Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and His Wife Ruth.

– Blessing the way she loved Makandiwa and his wife was with her whole heart.

– Only when she left, she realized they were around her because of what they could benefit.
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