Zodwa Mkandla Reveals Ginimbi's Deepest Secrets - A Must Read and Watch!

Ginimbi’s ex-wife, Zodwa Mkandla, has revealed new information that was previously unknown about her relationship with the late charismatic millionaire.

Zodwa has two daughters, Precious and Melissa from a previous marriage and did not have children with Ginimbi. Zodwa was speaking during an interview with Tebogo Thobejane on her YouTube show, City Girls:
Zodwa Mkandla Reveals Ginimbi's Deepest Secrets - A Must Read and Watch!
Zodwa Mkandla Reveals Ginimbi's Deepest Secrets - A Must Read and Watch!

Key Points From The Interview:

Zodwa Mkandla Reveals Ginimbi's Deepest Secrets - A Must Read and Watch!
Zodwa Mkandla Reveals Ginimbi's Deepest Secrets - A Must Read and Watch!

  1. Zodwa says she runs a travel agency in Zimbabwe and a few other businesses.
  2. Although she owns a Bentley, she says she is not a millionaire. She said driving a Bentley or living in a mansion does not mean she bought it.
  3. Zodwa says she is an independent woman and she does not have to beg a man to take care of her.
  4. She met Ginimbi at the Harare International Airport where he was picking someone up. He was with his friend kit Kat.
  5. Ginimbi kept calling her and eventually they became friends for over three years.
  6. They met again at a funeral palour when Ginimbi’s grandfather died and her own friend had died. he invited her to his grandfather’s funeral.
  7. At his grandfather’s funeral, Ginimbi told his family that Zodwa was his wife. She had not slept with him at the time.
  8. Zodwa met Ginimbi in Italy after she had gone ahead with friends in France and he proposed to her.
  9. Zodwa says Ginimbi was not a toyboy and she is not the one who made money for him.
  10. Her first trip with Ginimbi was from Durban to Cape Town on a cruise ship, just the two of them. They went on a Thursday and disembarked on a Sunday.
  11. Zodwa says she never caught Ginimbi red-handed cheating.
  12. She says she broke up with Ginimbi when he moved to South Africa and she was living in Zimbabwe. She says they seperated two years before he died. She said when she decided to leave Ginimbi, he was not happy and he did not agree with it.
  13. She said even after the break-up, she spoke to him every day.
  14. She refused to reveal if she was sleeping with Ginimbi after the break-up.
  15. Ginimbi was very possessive and she would never walk publicly with another guy when she was there. They had a lot of common friends and when they were in one place they would never be with other people.
  16. Zodwa says Ginimbi was not a blessser and he never bought girls cars or bags.
  17. Ginimbi would spend his money in the clubs buying Champagne but was not a blesser.
  18. Zodwa says she has slept with less than 5 men in all her 50 years.
  19. She said Ginimbi did not buy his coffin before he died. Zodwa said its taboo in her culture for someone to buy their own coffin when they are still alive. She says the coffin was bought by a family friend, Deputy Minister Tino Machakaire.
  20. Zodwa said Ginimbi did not have a snake that spits money. She said when an African has money, they are never considered to have got it by hard work.
  21. Zodwa said Ginimbi was into the fuel business and had a gas company in Zimbabwe. He did anything that could make him money.
  22. Zodwa said if Ginimbi had a snake she could have seen it around the house. She questioned where Ginimbi kept the snake ( South Africa or Zimbabwe as he lived in different places).
  23. On the day he died in an accident in Harare, Ginimbi called her at 1:40am in the morning.
  24. At about 5am, his friend Rimo called her and broke the news that Ginimbi had passed away.
  25. Zodwa said she was one of the first people to arrive on the scene when Ginimbi died. She covered his body with a blanket.
  26. She said Ginimbi’s wealth was inherited by his two sisters and his father. Zodwa said she did not get anything as she has her own wealth.
  27. Zodwa said the family of Ginimbi are able to maintain his wealth as they have his money and his companies are still running.
  28. Zodwa says she runs 15km every day. She wakes up at 4:30am and runs, she sleeps at 9pm daily.
  29. Zodwa says all men cheat and women should just accept it. gambakwe.com
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