Boss Pangolin, Tafadzwa Murengwa An Idiot and His Life & Money Are Soon Parted!

The age-old wisdom that “a fool and his money are soon parted” can perfectly describe Ximex Mall dealer.

The origin of the proverb “a fool and his money are soon parted” goes back to the 16th century, with Thomas Tusser first penning the phrase in his work, “Five Hundreth Pointes of Good Husbandrie,” written in the 16th century.

Today’s youths may see in Murengwa an accomplished hustler who had enough cash to throw around in the streets of Harare CBD, but that’s a terribly wrong impression of the 29-year-old who committed suicide hours after murdering his want-away girlfriend Samantha Dzapata.

You see, a proverb like the one above is necessary so that youths can perfectly see Murengwa for who he really was. When we say “a fool and his money are soon parted,” it’s a graphic way of saying people with no financial literacy will generally unintentionally throw away any fortune that comes their way.
Boss Pangolin, Tafadzwa Murengwa An Idiot and His Life & Money Are Soon Parted!
Boss Pangolin, Tafadzwa Murengwa An Idiot and His Life & Money Are Soon Parted!
A fool is a person who is careless and unknowledgeable, with no intention of improving themselves. As a result, they live in a pattern of behavior, and they don’t understand how to look after money; that’s why they will inevitably go broke.

If this fool wins the lottery, they will return to broke within a year or two because they follow the same financial patterns, just at a larger scale.

Instead of learning to invest the money, the fool will use it to purchase lifestyle purchases and other depreciating assets, losing it all when the sheriff comes to repossess the possessions to pay off outstanding debts.

The sand and quick end of the lives of Murengwa and his want-away lover Samantha offers great lessons to all of us, parents and children alike.

Youths who lack financial literary should seek it at the same time they seek money, because of they get money before acquiring the literary, their lives could end the way Tafadzwa’s ended. In Tafadzwa’s case, his actions led to the death of a young lady, whose conduct may also be questionable if claims by Murengwa are anything to go by.

Murengwa evidently started dealing at a young age. It has emerged that he was arrested in 2016 for attempting to sell a pangolin in Chisipite, at the time he was only 24. It is unsure what became of the case, but he was supposed to be put away for some several years for dealing in an endangered species.

It boggles the mind how Tafadzwa made his money, amid claims he fronted top politicians in dark trade on the streets, earning a cut from the deals. It also remains unexplained how he acquired a firearm (it is not easy to properly acquire a firearm license in Zimbabwe), and it is also not clear if the firearm was registered. But back to this fool’s abuse of money…

Murengwa claims he splashed a fortune on Samantha, taking her on road trips, holiday destinations, and even splashing her with cash, personal possessions, jewellery and a car. But tired of being physically abused even before they are married, Samantha decided to walk away but without returning back the goodies given to her.


It is claimed Samantha even took some of the gifts very recently at a time she was going to the courts to enforce a peace order against Murengwa. This, if true, points to an unfortunate trend now common among young lovers in our society.

Boys and girls, stop splashing each other with expensive gifts before you’re married. It can be good while it lasts, but when things go south, someone could get seriously injured or killed. Also, stop taking gifts from someone you feel no longer in love with. It is as morally wrong as it is disgusting.

Only cowards like Tafadzwa take away lives and cannot face the consequences of their actions. Surely, there was no reason to kill for love – there is actually never a reason to kill. It is a deadly road no one comes back from.

Tafadzwa lived a terrible lie where he thought that money could buy everything, including love. Listening to his audio, one gets the impression of a lost soul that believed all problems could be solved by whipping out a wad of cash notes.

Even his audio reveals a man who held condescending views towards women, as he said ladies like Pokello would give him a chance if he splashed US$3,000 in front of her. This is how sick his mind was, but so is the society he lived in.


He narrates how after bashing his lover, he took her to Borrowdale for a US$600 treatment session. When the relationship went sour, he bought the girl watches and a car. He even bought airtime for “all Samantha’s relatives” so they could talk her back into the relationship.

Tafadzwa narrated how he drove across the country to Beitbridge and Gutu all for Samantha, and reveals the US$200 he gave the girl’s mother for groceries. Another red flag: parents have no business accepting gifts from their child’s lovers who have yet to marry.

This whole Tafadzwa’s messy story points to a sick society that believes money heals everything, even a broken heart. It simply doesn’t. The doctors in Borrowdale might have physically treated Samantha of the injuries she suffered during the beating, but how about her broken heart? Who fixed it and how?


Youths in courtship have a truckload of lessons to learn from this sad and unnecessary loss of two lives. But most of all, Tafadzwa was a plain idiot who just made lots of money but lacked financial literacy to use it on things that matter. All the cash throwing he did in the streets is a game played by idiots with money they do not know how to spend.

Parents have a duty to teach their children moral uprightness and indispensable financial literacy. The proportion of youths who look up to delinquents like Murengwa as role models (mbinga) is dangerously high and unsustainable. Some Zimbabweans have also cautioned youths to take lessons from this incident. We share below some comments we harvested off a @ZimLive Twitter page:

But after all is said and done, not every youth out there is an idiot like Murengwa. The consolation we have is that there are many enterprising youths who when they get the cash Tafadzwa was splashing around, they use it to start a farming venture, business or acquire academic education or training.
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