Breaking News - URGENT: The Police On The Heels Of Maurice Kamto and His Lieutenants

Maurice Kamto declared winner of the presidential election by provisional results.

The provisional results of the presidential election being known on the basis of the reports submitted, the ruling party set in motion its repressive mechanism, hoping to prevent Professor Kamto from leading the country out of his many crises.

The change has come to Cameroon and Professor Kamto is the next president of the country. The results clearly indicate that Cameroonians need change, even in areas considered as the stronghold of the president.

After receiving all the results reports from our field agents, the Cameroon Concord News Group provided a detailed result of the vote and the people are ready to defend their victory. At the beginning of the day, thousands of Cameroonians took to the streets of Yaoundé to express their joy and fear of seeing their victory stolen as in 1992.

Last night, the Minister of Territorial Administration of the country, Paul Atanga, had made veiled threats against Professor Kamto and his team, pointing out that no one was above the law. Of course, the law works well when the situation is opposed to the outgoing president. Atanga Nji still believes that Cameroonians are afraid of the army, even when South Cameroonians have demystified the country’s army.

Maurice Kamto
In addition, the government had dispatched security agents to arrest Mr. Kamto, but an informant had duly informed him and had quickly left his home. He should hold a press conference later in the day to claim his victory and ask the people to defend democracy. He also urges the international community to be firmly in favor of democracy so that it can emerge in a country that has had a veiled dictatorship for more than five decades.

Some of his advisers have been arrested and the destructive regime is already launching fabricated charges to intimidate them and the people. Unfortunately, it will not work because the population is ready to defend this victory. Mr. Biya’s army can not kill everyone and rumor has it that there are cracks in the army, a huge segment seeking real change.

After the Cameroonians of the South, it is now the turn of the non-Beti French majority to remain on the sidelines for a long time. The majority must do their job. He must free himself. The world knows that Mr. Biya runs a crime syndicate on behalf of a political party.

All opposition parties must unite to defend democracy in Cameroon. It is not the victory of Kamto, it is the victory of Cameroon and it must be defended. Cameroonians must go to the streets to ensure that Mr. Biya and his people comply with the request of the people. 36 years are quite long. The Biya regime has spread death and destruction to every corner of the country. People are fed up with their mismanagement and inefficiency.
It must be remembered that the victory of Professor Kamto was never questioned, but as a precaution, Cameroonians performed their tasks as if nothing was positive. Elections in Africa are generally unpredictable and the winner is sometimes in prison, the loser generally using the army to his advantage. But this will not be the case for Cameroonians. They have been looking for change for decades and it has finally arrived and it will be defended.

The indicators were already available to all yesterday. In Cameroon, exit polls from the Concord News Group had already indicated that Professor Kamto would be the country’s next president, although many members of the CPDM – the ruling party in Cameroon since independence – were questioning the results of the ballot.

But after receiving all the results of the polls of our journalists and undercover agents, it is clear that the former president of the council, Paul Biya, will be the next president of the country.

According to reports sent to our world headquarters, Professor Kamto is clearly ahead of the heavily populated northern, coastal, central and western regions. Professor Kamto’s wide margin of victory in these four regions prevents the incumbent from closing the gap, as his victory is only earned in sparsely populated areas such as the southern and eastern regions.

A calculation of all the results gives Professor Kamto a little over 37%, while the incumbent finished fourth with 18.4%. Joshua Osih is in second place with 22.3%. Cabral Libii, the political novice wins 19.2%. The other small unpopular parties share the rest.

In Mfoundi, which is supposed to be Mr. Biya’s stronghold, Professor Kamto was much criticized. He came out with just over 39% while Mr Biya had 36%. Mr. Biya is followed in this constituency by Mr. Cabral Libii, who is the youngest among the candidates with 22%.
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