Wiseman John Chi leaves Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN)? What Does It Mean?

While we cannot claim to know much about SCOAN, We do know that their doctrine and activities are very suspicious, as we have established in previous postings

However, after today’s service, the news that Wiseman John Chi has left the church has been buzzing all over the place. Of course the first question was Wiseman? What is that?

From the synagogue Website itself:

During His earthly ministry, Jesus chose His disciples – men and women of integrity; men and women who would be one with Him in purpose and vision; men and women who would be dependable enough to continue His mission after His departure from this earth. They were men and women of persevering faith (Mark 3:13-18; Matthew 28:16-20). Truly, the greatest legacy any man can leave behind is the development of other people.

Today, evangelists from all over the world and from all walks of life are being mentored by Prophet T.B. Joshua at The SCOAN, learning to march with God before being released to march for Him. 
Wiseman John Chi leaves Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN)? What Does It Mean?
Already, five men have received Divine anointing and joined T.B. Joshua in ministering to the people every week at The SCOAN, used by God to prophesy, heal and deliver people. They are the Wise Men. They are Wiseman John Chi Meh from Cameroon, Wiseman Racine Bousso from Senegal, Wiseman Daniel Emelandu from Nigeria, Wiseman Christopher Orji from Nigeria and Wiseman Harry from Greece. Source

The link also contains pictures of all the “wise men”. So what happened? Well according to someone who was in the church today:

I was in church today when the servant of God Prophet T.b. Joshua confirmed it, in a service that started in a unusual manner. ie the prophet was supposed to preach of the theme “Be a doer of the word” but instead he changed the massage to”don’t tempt the devil to tempt u”. In his words we should not tempt the devil to tempt us, or else God will leave us to our own strength, he confirmed it after much questions and pressures from all over the world, of the where about of their favourite wiseman John Chi, he shocked us all, when he said John Chi has dropped, I was shocked, I looked around me and saw tears in saddened faces of everyone around me.
The prophet did not say the exact reason why he dropped or was dropped, but he did confirm that wiseman John Chi is the most gifted of all the five wisemen, in terms of prayer, fasting, humility, the most loved. No one is indeed above temptation. Source

Well TB Joshua Watch has interpreted it to mean that John Chi has seen the light and is turning his back on the church. They are asking people to drop messages of support for him in this difficult and confusing time in his life. They say that SCOAN will soon go after him. If he left because he has seen the light, then he will face some difficult days ahead. THe church is notorious for their ruthlessness in dealing with breakaways. But we don’t know why he left, so I choose to wait and see what happens next and if he will make any statement either way. Interesting days ahead! Wiseman John Chi leaves Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN)? What does it mean?

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