Constitutional Council Confession - ELECAM Boss Expose Paul Biya and Clement Atangana

Melodramatic and irreverent devil, the Director General of the body in charge of the organization of elections in Cameroon spoke this afternoon to defend the indefensible and demonstrate to the world how he was committed to the regime of the outgoing president and was determined to work for his reelection by all means.

Cautiously invoking the electoral law, Eric Essousse justified all the incongruities found in the electoral process and called on the Constitutional Council not to take into account faults committed by his body before and after the election, because for him, the electoral judge the Constitutional Council can only count on the operations that took place on polling day, on the understanding that it is only the regularity of the election, and not of the election campaign or of the vote count.
Clement Atangana
What about the spaces occupied by the only candidate of the ruling party, such as Elecam’s list of polling stations and lists of electors for himself alone, leaving political actors in the limelight in their ignorance, what about the limits of the biometrics of the parties? financing costs of the election campaign paid just days before the end of the campaign that two candidates (Maurice Kamto and Akere Muna) have also refused to take to not endorse the masquerade?
And even, what about the proxies of opposition candidates chased from polling stations especially in the tribal fiefdoms of outgoing candidate Paul Biya? What about Maurice Kamto’s ballots exhausted in polling stations just the vote started while all voters have the obligation to take the ballot of all the candidates before going to the voting booths? Mr. Essousse simply asks that it be ignored, and the Constitutional Council simply has to be content to arbitrate the election he considers to have been so exemplary that he expected congratulations from the opposition candidates.

The Confession!

The reproach of the fact that results of 100% in favor of the candidate Biya could be produced despite the disputes of the representatives (scrutineers) of the candidates of the opposition in the polling stations which could not all the more recognize there that they knew well for whom they had voted, Mr. Essousse responds with a smoky pirouette hypothetical deductive: the tellers of the candidates of the opposition would have sold their votes, which with 10,000 francs, which with 20.000 francs, with the candidate Paul Biya, after being contacted by agents of it. A true admission in sum of the way the elections take place in Cameroon, the nose and the beard of their organizer. 

Who seems to validate it!

But not satisfied with all these demonstrations at least theatrical which has repeatedly caused boos from the courtroom, the Director General of Elecam has probably taking fly of the phlegm demonstrated by the President of the Constitutional Council during the pleadings of the Kamto camp, informed President Clement Atangana that it was his problem if he had voted for Kamto in the election, but that he had to stick to the only facts he had exposed as to to him, and apply the law. Will follow other vexing addresses for the President of the Constitutional Council that it seems, Elecam, as the supporters of the Rdppc, expected to see the candidates of the opposition demonstrate loyalty to Biya candidate,

In the end, it was felt that the head of the elections in Cameroon had the understanding so hard that he had retained nothing of the missions of a Constitutional Council that experienced men past masters in the exercise and teaching law, such as Mr. Akere Muna, Pr. Maurice Kamto, and others had nonetheless recalled during their interventions that lasted more than 15 clock hours.

Following him, Elecam’s lawyer agreed in the same direction, reproducing the same clumsiness and insults towards the opposite party whose leader, Maurice Kamto in person, had formally wished that the parties adopt some outfit.

We have heard Elecam’s Council address the other side in discourteous terms such as “stop taking Cameroonians for lunatics”, before being reframed by the president of the Constitutional Council who will say to him: “Address you to the Council! “

And in the same vein of infinite awkwardness, Elecam’s attorney who was working at the time we posted, will make it clear by categorically contradicting his client, the CEO of Elecam, that Akere Muna’s newsletters not withdrawn from the polls despite his withdrawal for the simple reason that Elecam could not override the decision of the Constitutional Council which had retained 9 candidates, to establish only eight, without referring to the same Constitutional.
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