‘I Had To Knock Some Sense Into Selmor ‘ – Tuku’s Ex Wife Speaks On ‘Strained’ Relations Between The Musician & His Daughter.

No family is without its own fair share of drama and the late Oliver Mutukudzi’s own family was no exception.

In the light of the legendary musician’s death, his previously strained relationship with his daughter Selmor Mtukudzi came into the spotlight once again after his ex wife Melody Murape bared her soul on the family divisions in a candid interview.

According to Murape, Selmor and her dad were once estranged and were not on speaking terms for nearly four years after differences emerged over the way in which Daisy was handling the family affairs.

Speaking to the City Press Murape said she had to intervene for the sake of unity in the family.

“I had to intervene as a mother of his children because it was getting out of hand. It raged on for years, until I knocked some sense into Selmor’s head.

“After that, they were okay and just a few days before his death, Selmor was here at the Mtukudzi homestead in Norton, visiting her father before flying out to London,” Murape said.

Another family member stated that Selmor was unhappy with her stepmother Daisy’s conduct and she often made it no secret.
‘I Had To Knock Some Sense Into Selmor ‘ – Tuku’s Ex Wife Speaks On ‘Strained’ Relations Between The Musician & His Daughter.
In October 2012 Selmor once made headlines when she said her father Oliver Mtukudzi did not support her music career the same way he did for his late son Sam Mtukudzi.

“She often complained that Oliver was neglecting his children from the first marriage. This changed after the death of his son, Sam, who died in a car accident in 2010. That is when he realised that he needed to reunite the family” the family member said

The Mtukudzi girls, including Selmor went on to give him a heartfelt send off at his rural home in Madziva where he was finally laid to rest.

The girls took to the stage to imitate their father’s dance moves as they bid him farewell.

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