Check These 5 Beauty Lessons We Have Learnt From Zozibini Tunzi

Through winning Miss South Africa and Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi challenged conventional ideas of beauty, as well as stereotypes and expectations on how the ideal pageant queen should behave.

With the kind of beauty that captivates hearts, Tunzi has taken up space and cemented her authentic self, proving that true beauty is not only what you see in the pages of glossy magazines. It is also the reflection that smiles back at you when you look in the mirror.

Here five beauty lessons we have learnt from our Miss Universe.

1. BE COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN: Being a brown-skinned girl has not always been considered beautiful by most of society. For Tunzi’s younger self, this often meant feeling like she was not beautiful enough because of the colour of her skin and the texture of her hair.

Through self-acceptance she has become confident and bold enough to grace international stages as her authentic self.

Being comfortable in her own skin, she now uses her influence to promote self-acceptance and continues to challenge beauty standards that continue to taunt many women and girls.
Check These 5 Beauty Lessons We Have Learnt From Zozibini Tunzi

2. CONFIDENCE IS KEY: Confidence is an inside job that needs to be worked on continuously, even when it feels like the rest of society differs on your worth.

While women like her have not always been viewed as synonymous with the idea of beauty, Tunzi has proudly revealed that, as part of her morning routine, she always looks at herself in the mirror and tells herself that she is beautiful and talented.

3. THERE IS BEAUTY IN SIMPLICITY: Sometimes the winning formula is really the simplest. Tunzi displays a thorough understanding of this through her style, her makeup, and the way she carries herself. The nude lip and golden glow comprise her go-to makeup look which never fails.

She also often keeps things classy yet simple — her appearance speaks volumes about a woman who understands that true beauty doesn’t always have to be loud to be recognised. It just has to be real.

4. INNER BEAUTY IS POWER: A great representation of beauty can be found in someone who is unafraid to be herself, and one thing is for sure: our Miss Universe is real, bold, and unafraid. True beauty comes from within and it is way more than just looks.

It is a reflection of who you are as a human being and how you affect the lives of others. In embracing her authentic self, Tunzi has helped many young girls learn to be confident in their own beauty and to recognise their power.

5. STAY TRUE TO YOU: In a world that has many people trying to achieve beauty according to Eurocentric standards, Zozibini Tunzi knows that, with her short hair and dark skin, she is absolutely beautiful.

True beauty lies in understanding that you’re beautiful in your own way and that you do not have to look like anybody else. After all, true beauty lies in staying true to you.

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