Shocking Video: Zodwa Wabantu Flashes Her Punani For Fans On Video

Everybody’s queen of extra, Zodwa Wabantu has left us needing holy water to sanctify our eyes. Zodwa Wabantu has once again to flashed her punani on social media.

Sis Zodwa is no stranger to flashing them assets and has done so on numerous occasions.

Zodwa stated that she’s tired of using her mind to secure the bag while others are using their private parts, i.e, sleeping their way through fame and risqué photos.

Zodwa revealed that the long Covid-19 Lockdown has affected her income as she mostly depended on her gigs and now she can’t fully entertain people for the money

She admitted that she would be lying if she wasn’t tempted to use her punani to make money and make ends meet.

You can watch the whole video here

Zodwa WaBantu’s soundtrack should be ‘I do What I Like’ by Cardi B because sis sure does what she likes and doesn’t care what you think.
Shocking Video: Zodwa Wabantu Flashes Her Punani For Fans On Video

Recently she was accused of being a pedophile after she openly tried to flirt with 21 year old Gomorrah star Ntobeko Sishi online.

Ntobeko posted a snap of himself and Zodwa went to to throw suggestive comments.

Eishh skhokho angisakhoni. Please inbox me

Zodwa’s comments were not taken well by people who called her a pedophile, because of her penchant for a younger man, to which she cheekily replied

Yah … I’m a paedophile … I’m a predator,

Zodwa said that she was attracted to younger men and it’s her prerogative.

She challenged people to go to the police if they have a problem with that.

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