Somizi Ready To Have His Second Born Child With Nomzamo Mbatha

What probably started as the couple’s usual banter is now slowly hitting home as an intended pun.

From the look of things, Mzansi’s most celebrated gay couple, Somizi and Somhale are planning on having a baby if not two despite odds at the lowest, naturally depriving them of natural reproduction.

As reported earlier by Somizi’s husband Somhale, indeed nothing is stopping the power couple from having children – they so much long for.

In a recent Instagram post that left many with questions, Somizi wittingly hit on the beautiful-sultry- damsel after she had posted mouth-watering snaps bedazzled in a skimpy jean shirt-dress.
Somizi Ready To Have His Second Born Child With Nomzamo Mbatha

“Ok South Africa I’m now ready for a second-born…..set of twins…..@nomzamo_m hayi sisi woza……convert me from a rand to a dollar……from gay to straight…..,”

Lamented the moonstruck married Somizi as he pleaded Nomzamo Mbatha to let him smash, just for once, so he can have a second born – preferably twins.

He also insinuated Nomzamo’s beauty is tempting him to convert from being gay to straight. – something that has raised eyebrows to the queer community for so long. Is it really a choice as he projects? Some wonder.

Before Somizi came out of the closet, he fathered one daughter Bahumi Madisakwane with South African TV personality and actress Palesa Madisakwane.

After their breakup, Somizi moved on and married his-now-husband Somhale Somhlongo.

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