Prophet Passion Java Threatens Blindness After Instagram Account Hacked!

Prophet Passion Java of Passion Java Ministries and Kingdom Embassy church had his Instagram account hacked on Thursday night. 

The controversial man of the cloth threatened the people who had hacked his social media account with blindness in a post made on Facebook.

Writing on the social media platform, Passion Java revealed that he had lost control of his account and that the people who made the hack had made some posts without his consent or that of his PR managers.

He then went to ask the culprits to come clean warning that they would go blind if he managed to recover the account through his own efforts.

Writing on Facebook, Prophet Java said,

Hello good people.

Kindly note my Instagram account has been hacked. Posts which were being made minutes ago weren’t by me or any of my PR managers.

My technical team is currently working on recovering the account.

But vakomana musatsvaga kutukwa nezvinhu zvisina nemusoro wese.

Umwe anoita rombe kana bofu ndokuudzai I give whoever has my account to come out clean.

Ndikazoi recover through my team usazoti muporofita ane rough wava bofu.
Prophet Passion Java Threatens Blindness After Instagram Account Hacked!
Prophet Passion Java Threatens Blindness After Instagram Account Hacked!
Some people were shocked by Prophet Passion Java’s words in which he said that the people who had hacked his Instagram account would go blind and questioned whether such conduct was in keeping with Christian tenets. Others accused the prophet of practising witchcraft arguing that the power of God does not blind or maim, no matter the transgression.

Others however defended the prophet and quoted passages from the Bible in which words had resulted in dire consequences. Some also mocked the prophet for failing to prophesy that his account would be hacked and taking the necessary preventive steps.

Below are some of the reactions from social media:

Zvakaoma mufunge prophet koamuna kunge maratidzwa here in the realm of the spirit kuti account ichabiwa nanhingi amheno yekera dzosa account usati waitwa bofu nemunhu waMwari,thot munoona zvirimberi ini – Faffy.

How can you be a prophet when you can (curse) someone (to) go blind, wava n’anga kaiwe, purely witchcraft kaiyi let them keep on hacking your social media tanga tadzwa ne ndakachena ini ne zve nyuchi. – Rlayn

Mwari anozviitawo futi izvozvo, hazvina huwitchcraft izvi… Chituko can make you blind…. Imbonoitira moms vako shura vakutuke nemuromo wavo tione kuti hazvishande here, sadherera power of spoken word… Potse potse kusatova nemari zvauri izvi patori neakatopedza newe by word of mouth only, zvisina hari kana nyanga mukati – Clement

Why are you involving God in this? Clement zvamuri kutaura vs Instagram account, zvirikupindirana???

And which part in the Bible did God allow us to revenge? Coz irikuda kutoitwa na Passion its revenge over a social media account that can be easily renewed? Unless you are saying God instructed him.

Are you even a Christian nhai clement if I may ask? – Charmaine

Ibvai mangobatanidza neakatora raTrevor Dongo Papa fix Papaldo deal with them … Tapedza yemapages todawo fty akanokora tsoka Zimbabwe aitewo blind – Rufaro

Aaaah all this cause of Instalets be serious guys we have more pressing issues as a nation – Faith

If you can mke someone blind ,you might as well just see ka using whatever source of power u use kuti ndiani ahacker nhawee panga – Nyasha

You people should respect the prophet. Like him or not you look foolish and bring trouble to yourself. It’s incredible how far you would let the enemy use you. – Carlos

Vanhu vanovhuka kaa in Uncle Bob s voice tanga waitisa corona bofu totangira ipapo – Vincent

Hakuna muporofita akadai n’anga godobori uyu muroyi uyu haiwawo penga udzoka chiporofita Ka kuti who hacked your account – Eng

Kuitisa munhu bofu because of a hacked Instagram account. Hazvina Mwari mukati shows masimba eku underground world. Zvekumeme chaiko – Ba Deb

Mu spiritual realm matadza kuwoneswa zvichaitika here or nyakuzviyita nhayi purofeti or purofeki – Tafara

Instead of praying for the blind…. you’re actually doing the opposite – David

This is not the first time that the garrulous prophet has made such kind of threats. In 2019, Prophet Passion Java claimed that it would not rain in Zimbabwe until he recovered his Rolex watch which was stolen at a function. IHarare
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