Jah Prayzah’s Nhoroondo Series Video Vixen Babe Speaks 0ut!

Known for her emotionally charged roles in most productions she has starred in, the actress has made more fans owing to her ability to rise to expectations. 

Phenomenal actress Eunice Tava needs no introduction with theatre and film enthusiasts.

To the unassuming and yet shrewd actress, she continues to win the hearts of many players in the creative sector, including man of the moment Jah Prayzah.

H-Metro Assistant News Editor (Entertainment) Trust Khosa (TK) had a chat with the actress (ET) whose career continues to burn fairy tale of success.

Those who have watched some of Jah Prayzah’s latest videos of his brand new album Gwara such as Nyeredzi, Ndichiyamwa and Chimwe Nechimwe will easily notice this video vixen. She opened up on her experience working with Jah Prayzah on the Nhoroondo series, her honest opinion about the 3rd Generation boss and of course her own personal projects. Read on…

TK: How was the whole experience working with Jah Prayzah in some of the videos off his latest album Gwara?

ET: It was a wonderful and memorable experience as we were staying together in the same environment for the whole two weeks in the rural areas. I enjoyed the shooting moments and also moments of fun during our free time.

The camping was extraordinary, with all the facilities it made the shoot more enjoyable. TK: How best can you describe his work ethic as an artiste?

ET: I discovered that Jah Prayzah is a hardworking person who is always hands on.

All the scenes we shot he was present giving instructions too.

He is professional and he knows how and when to draw the line for work time and playing.

TK: What lessons can fellow musicians draw from Jah Prayzah in as far as creating synergies with artistes in other genres like theatre, film etc?

ET: I understand that music comes in different genres and each genre has its own requirements and you can’t compare musicians but maybe something that other musicians may want to learn from Jah is to know and understand where and when to engage the theatrical and film aspect.

TK: How did you manage to execute most roles you played in the video?

ET: The first fact is I’m an actress, my task is to execute any role or character that I’m not in real life, it’s all acting.

Secondly, playing that role from the first song to the last got me very emotional as I related to the story in most scenes. It was kinda a story of my life.

TK: What have you learnt from Jah Prayzah as well? ET: From my experience working with him on this album, I learnt that no matter how many people are involved in your project, you must be there on every stage, always have that eye of perfection, be always concerned about the outcome and not the deadline.

Jah Prayzah acknowledges that he is multitalented and he utilises every talent and he is not afraid of trying new things out.

TK: As a theatre practitioner, how do you feel when your services are being sought by other artists in different genres?

ET: It truly makes me feel honoured and humbled, the artistic journey has had its challenges but patience and perseverance pay off at times.

This gives me the confidence and reminds me that no genre is less important than the other, they all complement each other and it takes wisdom and creative minds to merge them.

TK: What drives you as an actress?

ET: I have always enjoyed creating ‘therapeutic moments’ in people’s lives by having them watch me performing either live on stage or in front of a camera

TK: Your source of inspiration?

ET: Real life events.

TK: How do you prepare yourself before going onset when taking both challenging and easy roles?
Jah Prayzah’s Nhoroondo Series Video Vixen Babe Speaks 0ut!
Jah Prayzah’s Nhoroondo Series Video Vixen Babe Speaks 0ut!
ET: It depends with what the character I’m playing requires, but there’s nothing difficult.

TK: How many awards have you amassed so far?

ET: I have four; two for Best Actress for Theatre, Best Actress for Television, Best Director for a theatrical production.

TK: Tell us about one of your memorable tour as an actress? When and what did you achieve?

ET: It was the European tour in 2007 that got me handsomely paid by Rooftop Promotions and I managed to purchase some assets

TK: Tell us about your worst tour as an actress? When and what happened?

ET: My worst tour was a local one where we had been scheduled to host more than 20 shows countrywide under Rooftop’s banner but the production was banned during the tour.

TK: Can you name the plays that you have starred in?

ET: I have starred in more than 30 theatrical plays and about 15 television films

TK: Your brief profile please?

ET: I was born in Kwekwe, grew up in Mhondoro and went to school in Bulawayo.

I am an actress, theatre director, producer who has a registered production house, voice over artist who has recorded for big brands.

I am the founder of Chedenga Foundation that helps the marginalised kids by providing them with basic needs which are; food, shelter, health and education.

TK: Lastly, tell us about any other that you are doing as a part of your charity work, grooming of young talent and fighting for women’s rights?

ET: Apart from a program we run at Chedenga Education and Carreer Mapping where Iam taking kids from the streets and sending them to school, I am running a programme where I am empowering the disabled and the girl child headed families through small income generating projects.

When it comes to grooming of young talents, it’s unfortunate we have had our programmes interrupted by the pandemic which has made us to down our tools as we comply with the lockdown regulations.

I had started a talent search programme for kids living in the streets through the country and creating platforms for them to showcase their talents in the fight against drug abuse

On defending women’s rights, I have always used art as a tool to address issues of women’s rights but the arts sector has been affected for almost two years now due to the lockdown.

I’m now using Chedenga Foundation platforms to reach out to less privileged girls and provide them with sanitary wear as well as addressing issues of early child marriages and other challenges currently affecting the girl child.

TK: Thanks for the interview.

ET: Welcome.

Source – H-Metro
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