The Top Ten Borehole Drilling Companies in Zimbabwe - List Of Borehole Drilling Companies In Zimbabwe!

Everyone has unique reasons for installing a borehole. Some people install boreholes to become more self-reliant and energy efficient to save money and protect the environment whereas some of them install boreholes to avoid the struggles of droughts, which is very common in Zimbabwe.

When it comes to installing boreholes for different reasons, choosing professionals is one of the easiest ways to get the desired outcomes. You will discover a list of Borehole Drilling Companies in Zimbabwe on google, which ensure the best services to the clients. 

However, choosing the right provider is always a must for people to complete their needs and avoid unwanted hassles.
Ten Leading Borehole Drilling Companies in Zimbabwe
Ten Leading Borehole Drilling Companies in Zimbabwe
Borehole drilling is a serious job that requires proper equipment and tools. The right provider will help you to avoid the struggles of installing boreholes and keep everything secure for you. We have listed below our top ten picks of the Ten Leading Borehole Drilling Companies in Zimbabwe.

Top Ten Borehole Drilling Companies In Zimbabwe:

1. Tandamanzi Drilling: The company has been in existence for a while, led by a team of experts in the industry. It offers blast hole drilling using truck driven rigs to drill blast holes, diamond drilling among other varied services. The company was established to plug the hole created by the unreliability of municipal water in most cities. Tandamanzi has various rigs that can drill to a depth of 250m.

2. KW Blasting: In existence since 1981, KW Blasting, a division of Drilling Resources Zimbabwe (Limited), is a company registered in Zimbabwe capable to drill vertical holes up to 200m. In 2005, KW Blasting became a member of the Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe in the Supplier Category (Class E). It also offers open cast mining, dam excavations, contract drilling, sample drilling and quarry drill.

3. Blue Gold Drilling: In operation since 2011, Blue Gold Drilling is stated as a high technology operation offering a visionary approach to borehole drilling, mining drilling and pump installation.
Ten Leading Borehole Drilling Companies in Zimbabwe
Ten Leading Borehole Drilling Companies in Zimbabwe

4. Vortex Drilling and Installations: According to their website, Vortex offers “an unprecedented service in borehole drilling through most of Zimbabwe and can carry out contracts in most locations where rotary air percussion drilling is suited.” With new generation machinery, they are capable to drill to considerable depths.

5. Skylake Borehole Drilling: Established in 2016, the water services provider specialises in borehole drilling, siting, solar pump and tank installation. They are also specialists in irrigation services and borehole repairs under the leadership of founder and CEO Tatenda Samukange.

6. Nakiso Borehole Drilling: The company has transformed the borehole industry since August 2019. With surging demand for borehole drilling on the increase, the concern executed an expansion strategy by recruiting more experienced personnel and investing in modern drilling equipment. It concluded the year 2020 on a high when the CEO clinched the Young Corporate Director of the Year – Best Start-up Company conferred by the distinguished Institute of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe (ICDZ).
Ten Leading Borehole Drilling Companies in Zimbabwe
Ten Leading Borehole Drilling Companies in Zimbabwe
7. Chisipite Drilling: The company was established in 2008 in the borehole industry. They specialise in borehole siting, drilling boreholes, pump installations, and repairs. The entity is one of the family-owned borehole drilling entities.

8. Prolific Boreholes: Their journey started in 2013 in a bid to offer a dynamic, full-service borehole drilling and water solutions company. “We’re dedicated to ensuring that the nation and region at large are provided with clean water,” the company said. To date, they have drilled and installed more than 100 boreholes around the country.
Ten Leading Borehole Drilling Companies in Zimbabwe
Ten Leading Borehole Drilling Companies in Zimbabwe

9. Pote Drilling: With three drill rigs, compressors and down-the-hole equipment for use in the drilling of boreholes, they have been in operation since 2011 and have a record in surveying, drilling and fitting efficient state of the art boreholes. Among their clients are mining companies, NGOs, state institutions and parastatals.

10. Baba Drilling and Exploration: The company uses state-of-the-art equipment and to locate and drill boreholes. Their resume spans across the country.

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