Is Honey Good For Bodybuilding Then?

If you are one of those rare breeds, he who has never, ever touched honey before, well, if you are one of those who have hardly used honey in the past; then you need to know this as of now.

Honey is good for your bodybuilding exercise. So then; how is honey good for bodybuilding then. Let the rest of this article show you how then.

Why Honey Is Good For Bodybuilding: Before we substantiate the positive news about honey, let me quickly mention a couple of the highlights of this nutritional article. Bodybuilders will be pleased to know that there is protein in honey. But it’s probably best to utilize organic honey. And should you be doing that, you’ll be enjoying most of the benefits of honey’s consumption.

Reminding You Of The Bodybuilder’s Key Purposes: Now, as to why honey is just so good for bodybuilding purposes. And for that matter; what is the bodybuilder’s key purpose. Bodybuilders can manage their expected sugar rush without risking themselves with type-2 diabetes. You know the saying; Sweet as honey. But honey also has something that sugar, an empty calorie, doesn’t.

The Macronutrients Profile: It is renowned for its rich sources of antioxidants. And that of course coincides very nicely indeed with the bodybuilder’s targeted objectives profile. Apart from putting on as much muscle mass as possible, he’ll also want to keep himself fit and healthy at all times. Watching what he eats is very much part of his day to day training. So, he’ll want to make sure that his daily meal plans are getting the correct balance of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats.
Is Honey Good For Bodybuilding Then?
Is Honey Good For Bodybuilding Then?
Protein In Honey: Please note that protein in honey is minimal, but that is going to be quite alright. In the case of honey, emphasis is not placed on the bodybuilder’s abundant supplies of glucose and fructose. This is quite unlike the misunderstood and misused (white) sugar which has no real nutritional value whatsoever.

Honey Is A Natural, Healthy ‘Sugar’ Honey can compete with your traditional sugar any time of the day as a versatile ingredient that could be added to any meal you set your mind to. Let’s start with the tea. With or without the milk, just add a dash of honey to your green or chamomile tea. Add it to your oats.

Stick To Organic Honey: You could even add it to your dinner time stir-fries. A recommendation has been made by health-oriented nutritionists for bodybuilders to stick to an organic profile. They could still go one better by sourcing raw honey. The unfortunate reality is that commercially produced honey still contains high levels of sugar. You could just say that this honey has been watered down.

Honey’s Other Nutrients; Essentially, honey’s primary ingredients remain that of carbohydrates (these are essentially composed of natural sugars) and amino acids (note how it correlates with the conventional but expected actions of proteins). But it also includes enzymes, minerals and vitamins. 

Also, note that honey’s unique ingredients have health benefits for the bodybuilder as well. These include pollen, fragrances, flavour compounds and organic acids.

Now, as far as natural sugars go, this really, is where honey has the upper hand on refined white sugar. Its complex sugar is derived from the nectar of plants. Its natural sugars are composed of glucose and fructose and are far easier to break down than white sugar’s sucrose.

Benefits Of Consuming Honey:
There are a few. For ease of reference, these will merely be listed.
  • High in calories.
  • Helps speed up muscle recoveries.
  • Complex source of energy.
  • Versatile food ingredient.
  • Nutritious and tasty.
  • Decent bouquet of minerals and vitamins.
  • as antioxidant properties.
Are There Any Downsides To Consuming Honey? Now, before this article reaches its natural but healthy conclusion, it is worthwhile pointing out that thanks to the manufacturing process (it makes no difference whether this is commercialized or organic) honey can be acidic. So, this of course presents a poser for those whose digestive systems are wholly intolerant to acid.

Honey’s Place During The Bulking Exercise: Plenty of shelf space as it turns out. Go back to that shortlist of benefits but just to emphasize, honey is ig in calories and is a versatile accompaniment to all meals.

Conclusion: So then. There you have it! Honey is good for bodybuilders’ diets. But by now you also know this. Honey is good for you as well. That is to say that you are not going to be pursuing bodybuilding at this time. But you are going to be indulging in some serious exercise, aren’t you? And you are going to be doing something about fixing your daily meal plans. 

So, that’s it then; the best of luck to you all.

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