Waverley Blankets Boss’ Criminal Case Gets Quashed After Month Long Struggles Over Company!

The Harare Magistrates Court has revoked the placement on remand of Aron Vico, Lakshmikanth Boddapati and Maxwell Maheya in a case that had been lodged against them by Amanda Berkowits.

It has been proved that the trio were wrongfully arrested in March 2022. On the 3rd of August 2022, the court ruled that the allegations did not disclose any criminal offence. Accordingly, the charges were quashed.

In another case where Amanda Berkowits and Belynda Halfon had reported Aron Vico and Lakshmikanth Boddapati to the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission (ZACC), prosecution was declined after investigations revealed that there was no evidence of any criminal offence having been committed.

Following the above-stated developments, Aron Vico had the following to say in an interview with various media publications: 

“I confirm that the two cases mentioned have been closed. The same also applies in respect of countless other frivolous and vexatious cases that were lodged against me and others by Amanda Berkowits and Belynda Halfon, where the State declined to prosecute.

“In the past, I have refrained from publicly commenting on these issues because I do not believe that it is proper to wash the family’s proverbial dirty laundry in public. I still hold that firm belief.

“However, I also believe that at this stage, it is important that I must render an explanation and respond to the unjustified media attacks against me, other family members and members of staff that my grandfather gave shares to for the continued running of his legacy. These include his trusted and valued employee Mr Lakshmikanth Boddapati who is one of the pillars of that company.

“As you would have noticed, the media articles concerned are discredited for being one-sided and of course, clearly misleading. My late grandfather would be turning in his grave on what Amanda Berkowits and Belynda Halfon are doing. These attacks are making the pillars of the company crumble.

“The continued harassment is not only affecting those close to me but is now affecting the survival of the businesses that are under my control, and in turn, that of over 1,300 employees who are dependent on the businesses.

“These most recent frivolous allegations that were lodged against us have been lodged many times previously by Amanda and Belynda, always investigated and the authorities have always closed the cases once we are given the chance to explain all of the facts. The outcome from this case has proved to be the same again.”

“Amanda confirmed that she did not sign the Memorandum and Articles of Association for Waverley Plastics (Pvt) Ltd. This is despite the fact that in an affidavit that she had deposed to during the course of High Court proceedings, Amanda Berkowits had perjuriously suggested that she had signed the Memorandum and Articles of Association.”
Waverley Blankets Boss’ Criminal Case Gets Quashed After Month Long Struggles Over Company!
Waverley Blankets Boss’ Criminal Case Gets Quashed After Month Long Struggles Over Company!
Amanda was subsequently charged with perjury and is currently out on bail.

In a separate interview Aron Vico stated that:

“Apart from them not having subscribed for shares in Waverley Plastics (Pvt) Ltd as required by the law, Amanda and Belynda contributed nothing towards the financing of the business, nor did they make any contribution in the running of the business.

“There is no Board resolution appointing any of them to the directorship of the Company. I don’t believe Amanda had ever visited Waverley Plastics until sometime in 2021, which is the same day that she criminally insulted and harassed me. She was subsequently charged and convicted for this crime and was sentenced to do community service.

“The discredited media reports had misleadingly published that she was acquitted. I also mention that I had to be granted a peace order against Amanda to stop her from disturbing my peace following her sustained violent conduct against me. The discredited media reports had also misleadingly suggested that my application for a peace order had been dismissed.”

“In Waverley Plastics, I have always been the sole signatory to the bank account. I have always been the only one to sign the financial documents such as annual returns, which I did as the Managing Director and this was all done under the instructions and wishes of my late grandfather, Mr Victor Cohen. The Registrar of companies accepted the annual returns with my signature as the director, which is proof that the changes to the documentation were all in order.

“These actions have been constant since incorporation. The staff of Waverley Plastics have only known me to be the Managing Director and majority shareholder in Waverley Plastics (Pvt) Ltd. Since Waverley Plastics’ incorporation, the late Mr. Cohen told everyone that I was the owner and how proud he was of me for the good job that I was doing by running it.

“This was never challenged whilst the late Mr Cohen was alive. Anyone who knew Mr. Cohen, and dealt with the company knows the truth of this matter.

“Amanda and Belynda have also chosen to include Lakshmikanth Bodappati, Mr. Omar and many others in their vindictive attack. These are also innocent parties and including them in this family feud is unacceptable and has created many challenges to the continued running of the businesses.

Amanda and Belynda had lodged a formal complaint to ICAZ against Mr. Omar.

“Again, (Contrary to the paid media), on the 7th of March 2022, after deliberations before the Tribunal, ICAZ withdrew the charges pending the determination of the High Court matters relating to the shareholder dispute of Waverley Plastics.

“It is extremely sad that Amanda and Belynda have stooped to this low level and are trying to steal my shares by lodging spurious allegations against me and others when everyone knows the truth.

“I appeal to the relevant investigators and interested parties to take cognizance of the whole matter and consequences of the constant harassment which is now threatening the entire survival of my grandfathers legacy.”
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