I Went Through The Same - Lorraine Guyo Speaks As She Comforts Shashl in The DJ Levels Saga!

I Went Through The Same - Lorraine Guyo Speaks As She Comforts Shashl in The DJ Levels Saga! 

Dear Shashl. I went through the same in 2019 with a video that was not me. The girl was my look-alike! I felt like that was the end of my life. Social media can be very brutal and no one deserves to go through what you are going through right now. As a sister I will tell u this, it's just a phase it will pass. I personally don’t think it’s a laughing matter because one day it might be your daughter, sister going through the same. We all need to be there for Shashl. I stand with you Dear Sister.


Who is Lorraine Guyo? About Her Age, Career, and Boyfriend!

Lorraine Guyo is a 28-year-old Zimbabwean social media comedian and actress. She came to prominence after posting a comedy video that went viral on social media pages, and due to controversies surrounding her personal and lifestyle choices.

Lorraine Guyo was born on 23 February 1994 in Bikita District of Masvingo province in Zimbabwe. 

She was also raised in Bikita which is why she refers to herself as a village girl. Her parents are Elias Guyo her mother and her mother is not yet known.

The Comedian Lorraine Guyo.

Her rise to fame came suddenly after she uploaded the Lorraine Guyo video to YouTube, which made her an overnight internet superstar. The Ndinyengeiwo girl, as she is affectionately known, became a popular influencer quickly, with various firms seeking her for collaborations. Lorraine has worked with a variety of companies, including Jan Jam, Steward Bank, and Mambos, a fast-food restaurant.

Guyo appeared on Acie Lumumba’s internet show, The Lumumba Files, shortly after her viral video went viral, to discuss concerns surrounding the video’s publication. Guyo explained to Lumumba that she had made the video as a prank for Valentine’s Day, but that the joke had gone unnoticed.

She went on to say that she had got 7,000 messages on WhatsApp from men wanting to be her date on that particular day.

“I’m not sure who posted my phone number on social media. I received 7,000 Whats App messages and had to disable my Econet line because my phone was now crashing. These were messages from men who enjoyed what they saw and wanted to be my Valentine’s Day dates “Lorraine remarked.
I Went Through The Same - Lorraine Guyo Speaks As She Comforts Shashl in The DJ Levels Saga!
I Went Through The Same - Lorraine Guyo Speaks As She Comforts Shashl in The DJ Levels Saga!
Lorraine Guyo Stonyeni’s followers asked her not to be bothered by nasty comments in another video that received over 52,000 views. They also reassured her that she was on the correct track. She has taken use of her celebrity by collaborating with some of the country’s best comedians. Madam boss, Mai Tt, Peter Moyo, and Mai Bibi have all collaborated with her.

Professional Career of Lorraine Guyo

In September 2019, the young comedian launched her production firm shortly after achieving celebrity status. The actress has capitalised on her celebrity and now performs professional skits and short series to keep her fans entertained. Not My Son, a one-season, twenty-episode sitcom, is one of her works. She uploads them to her YouTube channel, along with lifestyle videos, for her subscribers to enjoy.

Lorraine was cast as Candy in The Bad Bishop, a feature film. On June 13, 2021, Becky Casting Agency made the announcement. The Bad Bishop will be a Netflix feature film, according to Becky Casting Agency, with filming set to begin in Limpopo, South Africa, in September 2021.

Personal life of Lorraine Guyo

Social Media Personality Lorraine Guyo.

In April of this year, Lorraine Guyo was dating Thomas Chizhanje. The relationship had a lot of disturbances and accusations, so it wasn’t steady. Guyo charged Chizhanje with squandering her funds. Guyo’s brand manager was Chizhanje. Guyo reportedly accused Chizhanje of robbing her of her virginity before ending their relationship.

After the breakup, Tatelicious made headlines when she claimed Lorraine Guyo told her in a private chat that Thomas Chizhanje had infected her with a STI. Chizhanje released a message on Facebook in August 2019 outlining his side of the events. He didn’t answer the allegations that he slept with Lorraine Guyo, but he did address the allegations about money.

The birthday Party That Went Wrong:

Guyo was left repaying a number of people in 2020 after throwing a disastrous birthday party. Lorraine Guyo chose the Rainbow Towers Hotel as the location for her birthday celebration. She anticipated fans to spend $3 for regular tickets and $10 for VIP tickets to join her in celebrating her birthday.

Despite her large social media following, her birthday party had a very low turnout. Due to low attendance, she became in debt and was unable to pay for some of the services she had engaged for the event, such as the MC and entertainers.
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