Breaking News - The Alleged Resignation Of The SDF Was a Scam

A just ended SDF NEC (National Executive Committee) meeting in Bamenda has resulted in the previously 'resigned' Mps being ordered to go back to parliament. 

These members of parliament who had previously resigned from parliament verbally were given an executive order to return to parliament.

"The SDF has called on all its MPs and Senators to return to Parliament and perform the duty assigned to them by the party and the people."
The question is; is this party interest or people's interest? In the dynamics of a social movement that serves as the vertebra of the Social Democratic Front and the basis of their creation - "Power to the People", It will not be appropriate to put party politics first. Examining the successive events that took place on the 22nd of September and 1st of October this year, the handwriting on the wall is clear that the people expect more from their parliamentary representatives.
Breaking News - The Alleged Resignation Of The SDF Was a Scam
Observers think that the SDF shouldn't minimise the people's massive concern. But a blatant disregard for the people and their concerns was on full display as one of the major resolutions during the party meeting for the National Executive Committee Conclave in Bamenda on October 28, was to send MPs back to parliament. This order leads us to believe that the previous so-called resignations were hypocritical and made under false pretenses.

It is evident at this juncture, that the political atmosphere, be it the governing party (CPDM) or the opposition parties combined have teamed up against the Southern Cameroons revolution. This therefore, is a show of bad faith, denying every opportunity for a referendum that may guarantee an inclusive dialogue within and between major stakeholders at home and abroad.

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