Here’s What Went Down At The Aromat Dinner with Zozibini Tunzi!

On Monday Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi and Aromat shared a special virtual dinner with South Africans, dubbed A Taste Of Mzansi (#ATasteOfMzansi), locals were as excited just like Zozi who later shared the dinner table with Miss USA Cheslie Kryst of North Carolina!

Zozi took the time to also share the excitement via her official Twitter page, saying that she was sad that she couldn’t make samp and tripe, but great laughs with fellow South Africans were the order of the day during the Aromat virtual dinner.

“Moments from the @AromatSA taste of home dinner! So sad I couldn’t make umngqusho nolusu (samp and tripe) but we had great laughs and shared incredible stories with beautiful South Africans,” said Zozi Tunzi.
Here’s What Went Down At The Aromat Dinner with Zozibini Tunzi!
Here’s What Went Down At The Aromat Dinner with Zozibini Tunzi!

Zozi also told those who were at the dinner table that she initially wanted to make Chakalaka (and make the flavour pop with Aromat) but she could not find the ingredients.

When she was asked how does it feel like to be Miss Universe Zozi said: “It feels amazing. I mean I still feel like myself, nothing much has changed, but obviously, now more people know about me and who I am.”

When it comes to qualities she would look for in her successor she said that if it was up to her she would pick someone who has a heart for people.

When it was time to introduce Miss USA, Cheslie Kryst Zozi said: “I have somebody for you guys to meet. She is my lovely roommate, she is Miss USA, Cheslie Kryst,” with the dinner table expressing love for the hot number she was wearing.

The Aromat Virtual Dinner brought Zozi back home with a taste of Aromat and we feel like time robbed us as we expected a session of more and more questions from the table to Zozi and Cheslie.

#ATasteOfMzansi – Zozi had initially tweeted about how she loves and missed Aromat and the brand pulled through to sort her SBWL cravings with the virtual dinner she enjoyed with South Africans showcasing their own prepared meals that were seasoned with Aromat.


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