Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi: “To The Best Dad In The Entire Universe”

A father’s pride is his daughter; they protect them like a delicate flower but at the same time teach them to be strong as a tigress to fight the battle of life. 

In today’s time, there is no field unexplored by women, equality prevails because of the opportunity created by the fathers with the immense trust they have in their daughters and hence girls today realize that even sky is not the limit. As the world celebrated Father’s day on the 21st of June our very own Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi took the time to share sweet memories of her father.

“To the best dad in the entire Universe😄", she said, as she penned down beautiful moments from her life reminiscing good old days, "I have so many stories to tell about my dad but today I'll tell you this one. Once my dad tried to call me and I was busy so I missed his call. He called my chaperone and then proceeded to call my boss at the time, the director of Miss SA. At this point, so many people are blowing up my phone so I stop to return his call because now I'm panicking thinking something must have gone wrong at home.”

The beauty queen who is extremely proud of her father continued and said, “I called him and he says "MamTolo, I just wanted to check if you got the joke I sent you on WhatsApp." You guys, he was calling me for the 3rd time that day. 
Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi: “To The Best Dad In The Entire Universe”

You should have seen how I ran out of that studio to call him back thinking it was a matter of life and death 🤣. And it's not even just me, he does this to all of my sisters and keeps the same energy!”

We all have memories like these we cherish, as the diva is far away from her family busy with her advocacies even amid this pandemic, manages to bring a smile on our faces as she concludes her sweet story by saying, “To be fair though he's returning the favour. When I was a kid, I used to keep a container of 50cent coins reserved especially for him. 

He worked for in the big city (Cape Town) so whenever I got a distinction and a star for a test I would run so fast to the public phones to call him to tell him about how I had made top 3 in my 4th-grade class. I loved to hear the pride in his voice just as much as I still do now. Happy Father's Day Tolo! Vumba lempongo liyanuka❤”

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