Somizi On Gay Marriage In 'Conservative' Africa: 'I Always Knew I Would Get Married'

While several African countries still do not allow gay marriages, Somizi says he always planned to get married and make a big deal of it.

The Idols SA judge tied the knot in a traditional ceremony late last year and had a white wedding celebration a few months ago.

Speaking to Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi on Instagram Live this week, Somizi was asked about the difficulties of getting married on a continent where gay marriages are in some places illegal.

He said that he had always planned to get married, because he is “a rebel”.
Somizi On Gay Marriage In 'Conservative' Africa: 'I Always Knew I Would Get Married'

“I am a rebel. I don’t allow any form of rule or society to dictate what I should do, especially when it comes to me being me.

“I always knew that I was born here to live my life and I am not going to live according to someone else’s acceptance of me.”
He admitted that his wedding being broadcast on TV, like it was, may not have happened in a “homophobic” country, but he still wanted to make a splash.

“The world was going to know about it. It was going to happen. I always knew that I was going to get married, even before we had the right to same-sex marriage.”

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