Zodwa Wabantu’s Ex Ben 10 Vusi Announces His Wedding Date

Surprise!!! Vusi who broke up with Zodwa Wabantu just last month is now getting married in a few months. Yhooo!

So last month Zodwa announced that she broke up with her ben 10 as she suspected that he was involved in the breaking in that happened at her house. Yes, when she mentioned the break-in, it did sound funny don’t you think?

The suspects knew exactly where to get all her valuable belongings, more like an inside job. With Vusi now having a new bae (that’s if she is even new) these two obviously played the dancer so they can milk her money, it’s now even more suspicious.
Zodwa Wabantu’s Ex Ben 10 Vusi Announces His Wedding Date

Taking it to his Instagram Vusi announced that he has set the date and he will be getting married to his new, beautiful and much younger girlfriend in December. “You'll can start calling your designers, we have a date in December💍.”

Shuuu, these guys ain’t loyal. His followers couldn’t help but ask about Zodwa phela mughal desperately wants to get married remember how she planned it all with her first ben 10 who then dumped her weeks before her big day.

To sis Zodwa don’t worry everything will be okay, we are with you in this one!

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