Zozibini Tunzi Stands Tall in the Universe

When Zozibini Tunzi posted a picture in her New York City apartment, certain Instagram fans accused her of staying cooped up in the safe confines of her space and not doing anything to heal New York or SA.

Zozibini in true Miss Universe fashion responded to the negative comments by releasing a video the very next day of an AIDS initiative she formed part of. She has since shown her dedication to changing social issues.

While fans (both South African and American) love Zozi despite her shortcomings, certain social media downers enjoy ridiculing the South African celebrity. One such comment asserted that Zozi ought to go back to South Africa as she was not nice. 
Zozibini Tunzi Stands Tall in the Universe
Zozibini Tunzi Stands Tall in the Universe
This is water under the bridge for many celebs but Zozi took time out of her busy schedule to respond. She responded with, "The only reason you think I am not nice is that I don't allow people like you to bully me. I'm not going anywhere."

This week saw her addressing the South African trending issue of children returning to school. She put forth tips by the WHO on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in schools. Her post was well-received by fans who applauded her for trying to help.

Her most recent post showed a picture of Miss USA and herself out on the streets of New York joining in on peaceful protests. She has voiced her opinion and shows she cares about South African issues like women being brutally murdered by men.

Way to go Zozi!

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