Pastor Alph Lukau Exposed For Performing Fake Miracles

Pastor Alph Lukau comes from South Africa. He is the man behind Alleluia Ministries International. He is an internationally renowned Bible scholar and an international speaker that ministers in different platforms across the globe.

He is celebrated for many things including the fact that many have been healed, families have been restored, people have been saved and healed among other miracles. He coaches, mentors and leads in addition to being a father and family man.

However, his ministry has come to be doubted after one of the pastors he ordained claimed that he the miracles Lukau perform are stage_managed. Pastor Jay Israel took to Facebook and explained how he regrets working with people who cheat to be God sent.

At first, he started exposing how some churches hide under cults. It was suspected who he was talking about after seeing how he was dressed in his ordination pictures.

His wears (red), during the ordination, did not appear well to some people while to others, it was just okay. And this seemed like it was the uniform during the ordination of pastors in Alleluia Ministries.

That aside, Jay Israel had promised on Facebook to expose pastors who perform fake miracles and his Facebook fans waited with great zeal and anxiety. Well, he has decided to fulfil his promise.
Pastor Alph Lukau Exposed For Performing Fake Miracles

Jay has taken to Facebook and recorded videos explaining how Pastor Lukau has been stage-managing his miracles.

Remember the viral video where Lukau was raising a dead man in a white suit? That was Israel's great focus in his video. Israel claimed that the whole occasion was stage_managed and he was part of the organizers.

The viral video which surprised many has been alleged to be a lie. Listening to his recording, Israel claimed that people are paid money to play victims and help the 'fake' prophet in 'performing miracles.'

Surprising, Isn't it? I gaze just like me, you are surprised. It is not known whether the pastor is lying or telling the truth. He said he is not afraid. As they say, maybe the truth will set him free.

He even alleged that fake letters are being sent to him to frighten and silence him.

The letter he posted seemed to have several spelling mistakes. This made him term it as fake and a weapon being used to silence him.

However, he went ahead and encouraged the concerned parties to get the most expensive lawyers. He reiterated that he is not afraid of speaking the truth. He agreed that he made a mistake to part of those who organized for the fake miracles.

No one but God knows the truth of the matter. Maybe pastor Israel is doing it for fame. He might also be speaking the truth, whichever way, only God can tell. Neither the author nor the reader is allowed to judge. All in all, the truth will always come to pass.

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