Zodwa: 'Sometimes Punani Is Just Punani and Has Nothing To Do With Being In Love'

Zodwa Wabantu's latest snaps on Insta with a mystery man have left her fans discussing her love life once more, but the star says they need to learn to separate her Punani life from her love life because the two “aren't the same” to her.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Zodwa made it clear that she had no issues with people who attach certain labels to her because she's been changing boyfriends. She maintained that people should know by now that she lives her life for nobody but her and her happiness.

“I've said before that I do whatever makes me happy. If I have a man in my bed, it might not be love. Sometimes Punani is just Punani and has nothing to do with being in love,” she said.

Zodwa, who has recently gone through a public break-up with her ex-boyfriend Vusi, has since posted a couple of snaps that suggested that she's moved on.
Zodwa: 'Sometimes Punani Is Just Punani and Has Nothing To Do With Being In Love'

However, none of the guys seem to be a serious thing for Zodwa, who also made it clear that while she may be taking a break from relationships she doesn't intend on taking a break from Punani.

“All people must know is that I am not bored. I have people that entertain me and I entertain them. I know for a society that may make me a s*** but for me, I am just doing what makes me happy in this moment. It's really a blessing that I don't care what other people say about me. I'm just doing me,” Zodwa said.
In one of her Instagram posts, she made it clear to her followers that she wasn't in love, at least not yet, and that having a man in her bed shouldn't make them think otherwise.

“I’m still looking, still open for dates and yes I do have Punani. (I'm) not in love yet,” she wrote in her caption.

The bottom line for Zodwa is “do what makes you happy!”

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