Zodwa Wabantu Uses Witchcraft To Top The Trends List?!

South African media personality, Zodwa Wabantu, is well aware that she has once again topped the trends list after she shared an explicit video of herself having a vaginal-tightening procedure done. 

In an Instagram post shared on Tuesday, 1 September 2020, Zodwa revealed the secret to her success… and it is not what fans expected!

The reality star shared a video of a chicken that was in her house, playing with her dog, Prince. She captioned the post with, “Step One of My Witchcraft, Umuthi. Zodwa Wabantu. Uthi Why Ngithandeka Kanje. And Trending by being Zodwa Wabantu.” Zodwa insinuated that the secret to getting to the top of the trends list is by performing witchcraft, which is why she had a chicken at her disposal.

Assuming that she was joking, fans found the post hilarious and praised her for once again poking fun at herself. Ntombi Gusheshe commented with, “Haibo no the secret to your success is that you are funny! No witchcraft for you, we love you regardless!!!”.
Zodwa Wabantu Uses Witchcraft To Top The Trends List?!

Zodwa Wabantu has generated a large following in recent years, with her candid personality which often leaves little to the imagination. She is often found on the trends list for her shocking videos, which mostly show her partaking in cosmetic procedures at Herwood Medical Clinic in KwaZulu-Natal.
Despite many believing that her success has been garnered by her choice to consistently show off her body, fans have credited their love for her due to the fact that she does not care about the haters.

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Fans have also been privy to the drama in her life, which includes the messy breakup between her and ex-boyfriend Vusi, which resulted in her calling him out for being a fraudster. Since then, it appears as though Zodwa has moved on in the love department, and once again garnered attention for posing naked outside of her new boyfriend's house.

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