Inside Temba Mliswa’s Tempestuous Affair with ‘Slay Queen’ Susan Mutami!

A Zimbabwe-born Australian woman who says she is pregnant with Temba Mliswa’s twins claimed that the late foreign minister Sibusiso Moyo gave her US$40,000 for baby preparation after she fell pregnant with his son.

Susan Mutami, 32, has asked the 49-year-old Norton MP for US$30,000 for their unborn twins, telling him: “They deserve to have nice things too, and to be born in luxury.”

ZimLive has obtained a readout of WhatsApp messages, audio recordings and pictures shared between the two feuding former lovers, in which Mutami – who claims to be a “fucken millionaire” – repeatedly threatens to have an abortion, accusing Mliswa of neglecting her.

She also claims to have carried out an unexplained assignment for state security minister Owen Mudha Ncube, and in one exchange claims that police chief Godwin Matanga okayed her move to repossess 7,000 bricks from a Norton woman with the help of the police.

After Moyo’s death last month from Covid-19, Mutami sent a message to Mliswa claiming that three friends of the former army general had delivered “three sets of US$10k for Tendai,” her four-year-old son. The money, she claimed, was delivered by “SB’s best friend” identified only as Moris, “who is at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s Financial Intelligence Unit” and “used to be CEO of ZMDC.” A picture accompanying the WhatsApp message is that of Moris Mpofu, once the director of exchange control at the RBZ, now a non-executive director at ZIMRA.

Mutami claims Tendai was the product of a 12-year affair with Moyo, who was married to Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission boss Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo.

Mliswa met Mutami in October last year when she went to Norton to donate medical equipment she sourced in Australia, where she works in the health services.

The two hit it off almost immediately, Mliswa sealing the courtship after taking her to his rural home. In a voice note to Mliswa in early November, she told him she had heard from one of his associates that she had “donated her thighs to the MP.”

“Ask them what I should have done? I got there and I was given my own bedroom, and a plate full of meat. The man of it was very nice to me and treated me like a lady. What did they want me to do?” Mutami says, while also speaking effusively about Mliswa’s package.

“They wanted me to let you go with all your nice things? Yes, I donated my thighs. I enjoyed, and I’ve no pressure. I’m actually waiting for you to come and knock me out, in that way you only know how. It doesn’t take you five minutes to get me there.”

Smitten Mliswa soon moved Mutami into his luxury pad in Avondale where she stayed rent-free with her child.

But within weeks, Mutami was pregnant. A few days later, after a scan, she told the father of 18 she was not just pregnant but she was expecting twins.

Mliswa did not appear particularly impressed, although Mutami reminded him it was he who said he wanted a child with her.

The exchanges between the two lovers soon grew into monologues, with Mutami doing all the messaging and Mliswa not responding.

“We have never spoken about the future of us but you are talking to yourself,” Mliswa tells her at one point.

A frustrated Mutami compared Mliswa to her former lovers, one of them Moyo, who swapped military fatigues for a suit as foreign minister after a military coup in 2017 which ousted long-time leader Robert Mugabe.

“Sibusiso himself was there for Tendai’s first ultrasound. He flew me to Singapore so he could see his son, leaving his work while he was still at KG6,” Mutami fumed.

Describing Moyo as “my first love” and “the man that took my virginity,” she said he was also generous, covering the rather huge bill for her baby preparation, including sending her a helper for six months after the child was born.

“I’m gonna need US$30k cash when I go back to Australia for preparation for the twins from you. They deserve to have nice things too and be born in luxury,” she said in one WhatsApp message.

“Tendai’s preparation cost me around US$40k. Things aren’t cheap in Australia. I need to keep that same standard for all my kids. They deserve to have the Stokke prams just like Tendai. And mamaroo’s and have everything tech savvy. US$30k is decent enough for them. That’s an equivalent of 4 Chanel handbags.”

By late December, the tempestuous romance had become an on-off affair, with Mutami calling time on the romance and repeatedly threatening to terminate the pregnancy, only to apologise.

“My career is at its peak, and being pregnant and lonely is what I don’t want,” she wrote to Mliswa. “I’m suggesting we do a termination ASAP and save ourselves a lot of stresses. My family is in Australia, I feel bashed and unwanted yet I’m a woman of class and it’s just unfortunate I agreed to move here, not because I didn’t have anywhere to stay but because I wanted to be with you. I wanted to give you all my love and attention.”

On one occasion, Mutami appears to have gone to the mall with at least one of Mliswa’s daughters, who was unhappy when she told her that she was pregnant with her father’s twins. Mliswa’s daughter also suggested she abandoned them before a payment was made.

“I went to the mall and Mudha gave me an order ASAP and it’s that simple, he comes first,” Mutami responded, referring to the state security minister. “So they are unappreciative of what I did for them? Before I bought Owen’s stuff?”

Mutami had donated 7,000 bricks to a Norton woman, but she went to retrieve the bricks, accusing the woman of being in a love relationship with Mliswa.

“I thought I was helping her out by buying her bricks to build, yet she was busy sleeping with my husband. We don’t play those games. Godwin said I have every right to take them back,” she wrote, referring to the police commissioner general Matanga.

Mliswa began moves to evict Mutami in early December, writing a formal letter stating that “as you are well aware, you are yet to pay rent for Avon Villas despite signing a lease and being there for over a month now.”

But no sooner had he initiated the process, the couple appeared to get back in good books.

“I apologise for being childish before, and shouting at you Shumba. Please forgive me,” Mutami wrote to Mliswa, whom she described as “the best I have ever had.”

The armistice didn’t last however, and by the end of December, the war had erupted again, with Mliswa pushing harder to evict Mutami from Avon Villas.

“You leave that place or I will change the locks… Vacate those premises please by this weekend or pay to Josephine since you are a millionaire,” Mliswa wrote to her.

On New Year’s Eve, Mutami had checked herself into Trauma Centre in Harare, from where she bought herself more time.

She told Mliswa she had registered with Australia’s department of foreign affairs to be evacuated from Zimbabwe with her son, which would happen anytime after January 12.

“I’m not ready to go, I wish I could have spent more time with you. You have been a blessing to me and Tendai and my only wish is for you to come and witness the birth of your twins,” Mutami wrote.

Dipping back into her dating history, Mutami added this bizarre line: “The last man who cared for me the way you do died in 2005, and somehow I found him in you. I know I’m a stubborn ass baby mama but I want you to know that from the bottom of my heart I love you Peter and this is my promise to you for life.”

In late January however, the relationship finally went off the tracks with Mutami accusing Mliswa of “hurting me with your silence” and “listening to what people say about me, people that hate me and want no good to come out of me yet I’m a great woman who has stuff going for her.”

“I’m invisible to you… I have to send 60 messages for you to come home and f*** me. I’m hurt honestly. I’m going back to Australia we have no plan whatsoever for the twins. No day care. I pay for my ultrasound and doctor’s appointment visits when you are there. Never have I seen you even contributing or even being concerned requesting for pics and all. This was a mistake Temba, and I need to fix it,” Mutami lamented.

Mutami told Mliswa to “bear in mind I’m only 32 and my sex drive is at its peak. I love having sex with someone that I have a connection with almost like everyday.”

“One session every two weeks for me won’t do Shumba. No-one has ever f***** me the way you do. You calmed me down,” she added.

Following Moyo’s burial on January 27, Mutami was ready to move after finding alternative accommodation, with a Colonel Mbibi from the army facilitating the transportation of her personal belongings.

She claimed Moyo had given her a house for Tendai before his death. Weeks earlier, she had told Mliswa in another WhatsApp message: “I have my own multi-million-dollar properties that are fully paid for, you can ask Sibusiso because he paid for them.”

She also boasted that she was a “diplomat of a foreign nation”, presumably Australia, and had a “very good job with the Queensland government under the department of health.” On January 25, she claimed that she had a job at the United Nations waiting for her.

“Temba, I’m a fucken millionaire,” she wrote once after she felt the politician had spoken to her as if it was a job interview, “questioning my worth and what I bring to the table.”
Susan Mutami
Susan Mutami

The WhatsApp exchanges also revealed that Mliswa sat Mutami down and told her he had 18 children with over a dozen women. She was only too happy to give him his 19th and 20th.

In the end, it appeared, Mutami’s love was not enough for the super dad.

“I loved you Peter,” Mutami said, referring to Mliswa by his middle name. “I’m the type of woman that would even bring another woman in bed for you to be happy and eat that ass and balls up. That’s how loyal I am to you but I am not getting that love back in return. Context being there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for you. I’m hurt.”

At the January, Mutami approached an online newspaper and claimed Mliswa was gay and had tried to bring a man into their bed, claims which Mliswa denies.

Mliswa told ZimLive that Mutami was a “fortune-seeking slay queen” who is also bipolar and “needs our prayers, not condemnation.”

Mutami said she only spoke out publicly after Mliswa employed anonymous social media users to “tarnish my image all because I broke up with him.”

“Temba needs to grow up and he needs serious help. I will drag him. I’m no pushover,” said a defiant Mutami, who is still in Harare.

In 2011, Mutami – working as a nurse aide – was hailed as a hero in Australia after she blew the whistle on the attempted cover-up of a nursing home resident’s death. The resident had drowned due to the negligence of staff at the nursing home, but management blamed the death on a heart attack.

A controversial figure known by friends to embellish her successes, she was humiliated in 2018 when hairstylist and hair-merchandiser Jennifer Okai launched an Instagram appeal to locate her.

Mutami had taken her three wigs worth US$900 in August 2017 before she stopped taking her calls.

Okai was shocked to read online that Mutami was being honoured for “integrity and honesty”, yet she had given her every possible excuse in the book to avoid settling her debt.
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